Drug Abuse

A Journey Through Addiction

Father and son, Nic and David Sheff, speak upon Nic's drug abuse. Nic's horrifying journey is chronicled in three different texts.
Nic Sheff, David Sheff Talk About Life After Meth Addiction

Beautiful Boy

"Drug stories are sinister. Like some war stories, they focus on adventure and escape. In the tradition of a long line of famous and infamous carousers and their chroniclers, even near death experiences are made to seem glamorous. But often storytellers omit the slow degeneration, trauma, and the casualties."

--David Sheff

Beautiful Boy is David Sheff's harrowing tale following his son, Nic's, drug abuse. It chronicles his pain and suffering as his son descends into the tragic snare that is drug abuse


“If I was a lawyer, I’d go to… law school-but I’m not. I’m a drug addict so what do I do? Use right? Use until the wheels fall off.”

--Nic Sheff

TWEAK by Nic Sheff is an intense memoir depicting his years of drug abuse, following in depth about a year and a half of his life. The book goes into the mindset of meth and heroin addicts, the trials and tribulations faced, and Sheff’s attempts to leave a life of addiction and clean up.

We All Fall Down

We All Fall Down, by Nic Sheff, is the continuation of Tweak, detailing his journey through rehab, and his downspiral back into drug abuse.
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Heroin Holiday in the Czech Republic


Buzzed by Cynthia Kuhn, PhD, Scott Swartzwelder, PhD, and Wilkie Wilson PhD, delivers the most recent discoveries and research about drugs. Buzzed offers clear information on the most often used and abused drugs. This book provides a clear understanding of the effects of drugs on the body and brain, and their use. Buzzed was written with the idea in mind that individuals make healthier decisions relating drugs with accurate information.


"For example, while there may be some benefit from raising the legal drinking age to 21- a federal law in effect since 1987- this effort to "protect" young people by reducing their access to alcohol does little to help teenagers develop the kinds of attitudes and habits that might result in the prevention of alcohol problems"

-- Alan R. Lang

Alcohol by Alan R. Lang highlights the negative effects of alcohol, and the methods of propaganda used to disprove many factual statements about alcohol and drugs. The book is intended to educate teenagers, or high school students, about the harm alcohol and drugs can cause, as well as the life-long consequences.