Extra & Ordinary

Regan S, Chelsey D, Jasmine G, Jaida H, Jaydon A, Brayden T.

~ Backstory ~

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~ Map ~

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~ Government ~

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Extras: When the main leader dies the oldest offspring of that main leader takes his or her place. The leader must have a child to take place even if they have to adopt

Ordinaries: There are 7 people in the government total including the main leader. The main leader chooses the 6 leaders to lead with him or her. The main leader must have a child to take place when the main leader dies. When the new main leader takes place he or she must choose 6 new people to lead with them

The 7 leaders get to live in a better environment then the people and get served more advance and better food while being able to decide everything to people can and can’t do

~ Rights/Laws ~

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~ Infractions ~

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~ Citizens ~

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~ Education ~

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~ Healthcare ~

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~ Workforce ~

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~ Recreations ~


Go to the park

Play games in the rec room





Do art

Talk with friends


Climb, do art, and write are only allowed in the rec room



Read History books

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~ Diary Entry ~

Dear Diary, (Ordinary)

My name is Alex Bonnet im 16 years old and my day was the same as every other day

I woke up at 6:00am today, the same time as everyone else. I put on my grey t-shirt, and grey knee-length skirt, like every other girl in the city. Before I get on the bus, I eat my daily morning breakfast; raisin oatmeal with the water the government prescribes all of Equal-United. To get to school, I take the faded-blue school bus that takes the kids on my street to school, at precisely 6:30am every weekday morning. Once we get to school, we compare homework with the rest of the class, but it’s no use, we always all have the same exact answers. At break, we read the textbooks the government gave us at the beginning of the year. The same grey color fills the book, with black text. There were no pictures in the book. At exactly 1:30, the bell rings and everyone files out of the school in an orderly fashion. At 1:45, I arrive home; finish my daily homework (which includes Math, English, French, History of Pluto, History of Earth, and Science), then wait for the daily announcements. At 6:30pm, the loud speakers start calling off the numbers the citizens were given for identification. The monotone voice finished the announcement, and everything in the city was silent again. Luckily, my number: 1594836, was not called. If your number is called, you get sentenced to death, or get an affective punishment. At 9:00pm exactly, as I lay down I hear the thumps of the One-United soldiers. I then take a swift sip of water, which is always placed neatly on my nightstand. At 9:05pm, like every other night, I gently drift off to sleep, just like every other person in Equal-United.

Diary Entry (Extras)

Dear Diary,

I woke up at 7:00 today. I start school at 8:45 and leave home at 8:00 I live in a 2 story but my house is small. When I was getting ready for school today I was deciding between blue pants with while shirt or just black pants, I chose blue. My mom is a chef so we have the best breakfast. I was going to be late but I brought my breakfast with me to the bus stop. When I got to school, I went to my first class. The day was boring, but most people love it, so I stay silent. I actually only like science... In the rotations, I have farming, construction, science and cooking. The last one was my moms idea. I finally get home at 3:55 I grab a snack and head of to the park where I hang out with my friends. My dad comes to pick me up at 6:03pm. For dinner, we eat chicken alfredo, then I'm off to my room. After that, I read until I go off to bed.