Forensic Radiography

By: Ashlynn Zittoun


Forensic Radiography is a specific branch of the radiography field. Someone who works in this field take pictures of interior organs of patients in critical condition or deceased patients.

How is Forensic Radiography Used in Forensics?

This field is used in forensics to see if a patient was abused, the cause of death or to see if there was any other forensic evidence. For example, if a patient was smuggling drugs, you would be able to find the location of where the patient was doing so.


You must already be practicing radiography or radiologic technology. Individuals must have completed either an associates degree or bachelors degree in radiography or radiologic science. If you would like to continue your education in forensic radiography, you must complete these courses as well:

  • Introduction to forensic science
  • Forensic radiology
  • Chain of evidence
  • Pattern recognition in diagnostic images
  • Body identification methods
  • Disease identification