5 Android Apps for the Classroom

Poll Everywhere

This is an app that allows students to participate in class-wide polls and immediately see the results. This app can be used for seeing popular opinion regarding anything from current events to assignment formats, posing content related questions and discussing the responses, checking student understanding, and audience participation when students are having a one-on-one debate.


The Kindle app would come in handy for an English Language Arts teacher arts teacher as so many classics are available for free: Shakespeare, Tarzan, Jane Eyre, etc. Even for the materials that are not for free, this app would save on costs for the school and students as well as lighten students’ backpacks.


This is a fast assessment tool that can save a lot of time compared to the traditional methods of assessment. The teacher uploads a pre-made quiz, the student completes the quiz and sees the results. This is also a very handy tool for statistics, as teachers can see the questions which the majority of the class had difficulties with.


The app version of Blogger functions basically the same way as the desktop browser version: it allows students to create blog posts and upload them. This is a great tool for students if they are required to do weekly reflections, or a similar type of assignment, and aren’t near a computer.

Google Translate

This app is great for ESL students and any language-based class. Although not advised to use to translate anything more than a few words at a time, this app allows students to jump slight hurdles when studying languages, like if they’re reading a sentence and don’t know the meaning of one or two words. Or if they find themselves unable to think of a word in another language.