Lindsay Solderitch

What language do Colombians speak and why?

The main language Colombians speak is Spanish. The European carried the Spanish language over to Colombia. Spanish, is a native language. Most Colombians, still speak Spanish today.

What types of climates are in Colombia? How does it impact people?

The weather in Colombia is usually hot and humid near the coast, but changes from lower to higher lands. The weather impacts people in Colombia because only a few people live in the hot, steamy tropical rain forests of Colombia, because it is so humid near the South- Eastern side.

What is the most important export crop that is produced in Colombia and why?

Coffee is the most important export crop in Colombia, and is one of the largest coffee- producing countries in the world. Coffee is produced so well in Colombia because it's on an extremely rugged landscape that makes it perfect for the growth of coffee.

Who is Colombia's most recent elected president and why?

Colombia's newest elected president is president Uribe. President Uribe becomes president in 2002, promising harsher measures for rebel groups. In 2006, Uribe wins again, for the second time.