Runoff to the Mountains

By: Alana R, Julia S, Paris F, Autumn R

Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Guadalupe Mountains National Park is known for the hiking and backpacking opportunities and one of the nations best wilderness areas.

Longear Sunfish

The longear sunfish, with the scientific name of Lepornis megalotis, is one of the many species that lives in the waters of the Guadalupe Mountains national park.

What is the Cycle being effected?

The farm land near the national parks are leaking pesticides into the rivers which is effecting the animals thats swim and or drink the water, in turn effecting animals that eat the fish.

What activity is effecting the cycle?

As the pesticides from the farms near by leak into the rivers, it is setting an off-balance in the nitrogen cycle.

How can we prevent/fix the problem?

we can fix the contamination by putting a filter in the water to filter out the pesticides of put a pesticide block to prevent the runoff from getting past the barrier of the park.