Permission Slip


Stop being scared shitless.

You only have one life.

So, Live.

Do things that makes you vomit,

do things that make you interesting,

do things because its a service to mankind,

do things because its your responsibility

but also do things that you always wanted to do.

Tell your family that you love them.

and make a list of things you're grateful of everyday.



Think....and think again

Appreciate logic and reason.

Fine things come from creating order out of chaos.

Make a list of all the things that actually makes you scared,

then attack it and tell yourself how ridiculous they really are.

Care about people.

But stop caring about what they think of you.

Listen to people, but have opinions.

And keep those opinions to yourself!

You'll notice most of the time,

people actually are pretty smart,

they just don't know how to properly express it.

Stop judging things, try it yourself.

You might actually like it.

Paint with feelings, draw without restraint.

There's no black and white in art.

Be creative in everything

but be firm in your principles.

Get angry sometimes,

why not.

This is a permission slip to live. It is the permission

you have been waiting for all your life to finally live

a truly awesome, interesting, worthwhile, regretless life.

There's a time to be a complete pussy about life.

But that day is not this day.

Because today you have my fullest permission.

But it is not to be given to you.

The permission slip can only be TAKEN.

So, take it.

Take it if you think you are worthy of it.

Take it because you dare to.

Take it because you want to.

And you have the Will to do it.

Take it,

so you can Live.

You can live life to the fullest.

Without fear.

With authenticity,

to live with the world,

to live with God and the universe

to live with the people around you

and most importantly

to live with yourself.