Kindergarten Happenings

Celebrating the 100th Day

The One Hundredth Day

We had a lot of fun of the 100th day of school. So much fun that it spilled into day 101 & 102! The super hero capes were AWESOME! I can tell everyone worked "super" hard on them.

In 100 Years.....

We thought about what we'd look like at 100 and what we would do when we were 100.

Super Heroes at Work!

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We can do 100 exercises...

10 jumping jacks

10 touch your toes

10 swing left arm

10 swing right arm

10 running in place

10 touch the sky with right arm

10 touch the sky with left arm

10 jump on left foot

10 jump on right foot

10 jump on both feet

100th Day Fun!

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100th Day STEM

We did 10 STEM building activities to celebrate the 100th Day. We even completed them on day 101 and 102!
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We can write 100 words!

Writing 100 words takes a lot of work! We are continuing to add to our list of 100 words.
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Trail Mix

It can't be a celebration without a yummy snack. Everyone brought in one item and then we counted by tens to add 100 pieces to our 100th day trail mix snack. Yummy and fun!
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Mrs. Amy Paulhamus

Kindergarten Teacher

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