Daphne High School

Community Stakeholders

Community Involvement in Education

Developing a partnership between the community and the school is the foundation for producing successful young adults. This partnership creates a support system that enables students to have success in the classroom, and make connections that will be beneficial as they enter the workforce. Although family involvement plays a pivotal role in a child’s academic success, the support and engagement of all stakeholders is crucial for the success of a community and its schools.

Non-profit and Public Health Organizations

Community Action Agency/Bay Area Food Bank

· Provides healthy meals to low-income students

· Sponsors Turkey Trot 5K to encourage community-wide healthy lifestyle

Rachel’s Closet

· Collects and donates prom dresses to low-income girls

United Way of Baldwin Co.

· Collaborates with community members and schools to address pressing community issues

The Care House/ The Lighthouse

-Counsel victims of sexual and physical abuse

-Conduct assemblies to educate students

AltaPointe/Baldwin County Public Health

-Provide on-site counseling from a professional counselor

Stakeholders in the Community

Local Government Active in Schools

Politics and Law Enforcement

Mayor/Judges- Serve as guest speakers in Government classes and sponsor Youth in Government Club. Mentor SGA and Model UN members.

Law Enforcement- Provide assemblies during school educating students on dangers of drug/alcohol abuse.

Offer town hall meetings educating parents on dangers of social media/sexting.

Sponsor Red Ribbon Week