Literary Criticism Research

English IV

I can:

Gain a clear understanding of the steps necessary to create well researched Literary Analysis through the activities below.

Choose effective support from credible sites and sources.

Use MackinVIA- and open the appropriate database to find a literary criticism.

Define the purpose of a Literary Analysis.

Understand how to interpret a Literary Criticism.

Create thoroughly researched note cards, with quotes that support your opinions.

Create a Works Cited page.

Basics of Literary Analysis

Watch the video below. As you watch, listen to the examples from The Wizard of Oz. Make connections to Othello. Fill in the blanks on your handout.

Literary Analysis: Elements of Narrative


Click through the slides in the presentation below. You must know your google docs log in. Fill in the answers on your handout.


Watch the video below. Using the guidelines explained in the video, ANNOTATE the excerpt from Othello found on your handout.
How to Annotate A Text

How to USE the Literary Criticism

You will find articles that support the ideas you developed in your Literary Analysis. The articles will be multiple pages with a variety of ideas- you may only be interested in a PART of your article. Use the practice site below to REVIEW the fine art of PARAPHRASING. (This skill will come in handy as you make your NOTE CARDS)

NOTE CARDS: How to make efficient note cards.

Go through the information on the webpage below. Follow the steps to create an effective research note card. Use the magazine on your table to complete a research note card. Use the index card on your table.


  • You now need to be prepared to finding research from RELIABLE SOURCES. BREAK THE GOOGLE HABIT!
  • Watch the short video- Search Engine vs Database
  • Read the attached article.
  • Use YOUR FRISCO STUDENT LOGIN- this will allow you to create a "backpack" in which to keep all searches.
  • Use the search tips in the article to find an article that presents opinions on this question and record the web address on your sheet-
"Women are often viewed as the weaker character- needing to be molded by the all-knowing man. However, many pieces of literature that present this scenario actually illustrate a strong female character. Pygmalion is such a work. In short, female characters are often used as a means of demonstrating a metamorphosis."
Search Engine vs. Research Database for College Research