Peter the Great

By Sloane Irwin

His Policies

He adopted many policies after his travels to Europe. One of them was the policy of Westernization. This was the adoption of European ideas, technology, and culture. Another policy was the mercantilist policy that encouraged exports to raise money for all the technology and education he brought in to Russia.


Peter the Great from a young age like to explore and discover new things. He is very interested in bringing other advanced cultures to Russia. If someone did't agree with his new ideas then he would be very serious about it and execute them. When Peter first became ruler, he was ten so he wasn't very educated.


In 1697, Peter set out on a trip to go to the west like Europe. The advancements they had astounded him. He came back and brought back soldiers that knew about all of the new technology. He strengthened the military, expanded Russian borders, and he centralized the royal power. He also changed the Russian clothing to modern Western clothing. Lastly, he took all institutions under his control.

Fun Facts

  • He had two wives and eleven kids.
  • His first child was secretly executed by his father for high treason.