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Trading Card Story

In the world of Popstar, Kirby was resting on his bed sleeping soundly as he dreamt of candy. Meanwhile, in the land of Ice Cream the Wizard of Light was pacing back and forth curious about what was happening with his dear friend Kirby. Curiosity was getting the better of the Wizard of Light, and he shoots off into the galaxy in search of planet Popstar. In a short while, he arrives and goes to Kirby and tries to wake him up, but fails. He summons a light source over Kirby's head and yells, “Walk toward the light.”

Reluctantly Kirby wakes and says, “Poyo.” The Wizard of Light says we need to go frolic and save the planet. Kirby raises his eyebrows as he extends out an arm to the Wizard of Light and frolics off with him toward a patch of flowers, merely humming to themselves. As they continue to walk, the Wizard of Light once again teleports, hurling them towards Candyland. While they travel, the monster that laid dormant on Candyland slowly awakes, plotting his revenge on the Wizard of Light. Finally, they arrive on the planet. The monster catches them by suprise, throwing a hand up the surface of the planet and grasping both of them in his candy hand, driving it down once more as he throws them into a magical cage. Feeling defeated they both slowly curl themselves up into balls and weep silently to themselves. The monster brings a giant candy hand up and brings it down, killing them both instantly. The monster then goes about and destroys the planet Candyland, flying out into space afterwards and destroys everything and everyone.


Secret, of the Legos

By: Daniel and Cameron

It was night again, and little Billy’s room was covered in shadow. Little Billy lay asleep in his bed, content with a day spent in play. Through his room were Lego’s, torn and struck about. He had found these within the attic; a home near ten year’s uninhabited was their resting place. They had been slumbering, in a way. Sleeping, dreaming of life. It was midnight now, and all sounds in the house were naught but the dog kicking cushions, and dreaming of running, Billy laughing, and the few televisions which were on. At that moment, a faint bit of life was upon one of these Lego’s, gold and blue. It was shaped to form something of a man; with a robe like something you would see in a story where prince gallant slew the evil beast: It began to move; as did dozens of other Lego’s and toys in his room. They shuddered, and they began to wake...

One moved, and shouted to the top of his nonexistent lungs. “ODIN’S BEARD. What happened?” He looked around fervently, the small twist of the Lego creaking ever so faintly. Billy sat in still slumber, still giggling in memory of day’s past. Another did, this one was not a person at all, but, in consideration. It was something more akin to a horse, it made a loud sound. Any being so small could not make but a faint whimper in comparison to that of a being such as a human.‘NYEEEEH!’ Billy did not stir. Nor did anyone else, for that matter.

The wizard of Lego had looked about, and noting the horse, he grinned a wide and warm grin, “Oh!” He says with awe, at the same time, another thing stirred. As did all manner of other’s, a lego which had been made to look like an alien, another who had been meant to look like a teenager, and one which had been intended to look like a tall man with a brown coat. They all stirred, and they all shouted to the top of their lungs, “WHERE ARE WE?!” Or something akin to their own settings.

Though one in particular had said, “Oh.. What have we here?” And he smiled the plastic molding to form such one that was warm. And again, Billy did not stir.

The Lego’s began to congregate, and their confusion was lessened when the man with the brown coat, and the wizardry Lego had just watched each other, ‘It seems were made of some sort of plastic,” and they both nodded. “Though, I must say, how?” The brown coated man said, and the teenager at the back screamed in his whimpered and stunted voice. “I bet it was the government!” It was a tone that implied he knew this with certainty, and then the brown coated man raised his brow, and made a faint giggle, “Yes mate. The government turned us into plastic.” He nods a bit, obviously faintly sarcastic, “Now wait a second.. Waaait.” He grinned exuberantly. “We’re walking talking plastic bits of Lego.” He said simply. “Seems my notion of what is possible was vastly wrong.”

The wizard smiled, and said simply. “Magic, it must be! The god’s themselves did it!” Before the brown coated man stared up at the bed, “Or...” He said considering, with a faint bit of hope to his voice, “Y’know, I’ve lived a thousand year’s…

Well... Whatever I actually am based on has, or maybe...” He shakes his head, “Never mind…” He points to the slumbering child. “There is something in the minds of children, something amazing,” He picks up his hands, and makes a motion as if an explosion, “Whoosh! Little child sad, sad, tired, he wishes upon a star, “I wish I had Lego’s that talked!” and somehow, some way. His wish came true.

He knocked his head, pounded it, and pulled his hair back, “We’re Lego’s, and we’ll most likely be play toys, or turn into plastic again at night’s turn... Let’s go exploring.” The horse made a loud gruff ‘NYAAAEEEEH.’ But, following the wizardly Lego’s motion, it followed.

The door was cracked, to their pleasure. They embarked outside, to find the entire house was lit up, lights like giant balls of fire to their little eyes. They looked around and explored. Though on the floor were things rather unseemly, roaches, ants, while if they were more then Lego’s, they’d be an eyesore. At this, they had to run. Run as far as legs of plastic and wax would take them. They saw the house, they explored. By night’s fall, every nook and cranny was seen. It was a whole new world, and a new perspective. The man with the brown coat had smiled, and said simply, “Night’s over...” Then snapped his fingers.

A sound was heard in the corridor, low, like a billowing thunderstorm. “WHEEEOOO. WHEEEOOOO.” A wooden blue box was seen. He ran inside, the other’s staring in disbelief. “On we go, friends!” He cackled, stepped in, and they all followed, he made a wink before he left, and that blue box began to disappear like dust. It seems little Billy’s wish was coming true!

Feature Story

Coca Cola - a history

Coca Cola was invented in 1886. They’re still making millions, even in 2013! It is one of the biggest pop producers, ever, and I mean that. They have a big rivalry, you’ve probably heard, it’s quite common, with Pepsi and other brands of pop. And, from what people are saying, the most popular/common brand is Diet Coke. People could easily see this coming, seeing as ‘DIET’ is in it’s name, but I’m just ranting now, continuing on! Did you know that Coca Cola, as a company, is worth about.. oh, give or take a billion, it’s worth 67 BILLION dollars. And, the average price for a can of Coca Cola is only $0.95! Also the polar bear has appeared in many Coca Cola commercials. The polar bear is also often associated with Coca Cola. Coca Cola will certainly strive for a while!

All in all, Coca Cola is quite a brand, and has GREAT potential. Nonetheless though, I must wrap this up, thank you for reading! Maybe you should go out and buy a Coca Cola!

Nursery Rhyme

International Space Detective

In Critical Condition

By: The D-Meister

It was a regular day, December 23rd, 2353 to be exact, for Humpty Dumpty, he’s been on the force for more than 20 years. We all thought he could handle this case. Humpty Dumpty was in the circus, undercover. We had gotten a lead that said the beast would be there. After some ‘EGGING’, get it? I’m terrible... Well, after some egging from the crowd, Humpty Dumpty went up on the tightrope and, naturally, did some tricks for the crowd, he was always a people pleaser. Then out of nowhere! The wild Liger-Unicorn (Lion + Tiger + Unicorn.) robot animal thing came into view, torching him with fire. Humpty Dumpty, luckily, is resilient to fire and has fast reflexes. He instantly pulled out his stun gun and shot the beast, shouting at the top of his lungs, “International Space Detective, son!” Humpty Dumpty looked down to see two things. One, the beast was on the ground stunned. And the other was.. his shoe was untied. Naturally he went to go tie it, but he leaned forward too much and fell off of the tightrope, with a loud, “Oops!” He had his rocket boots on that day though, luckily, but he only had one on! Humpty Dumpty only turned right side up, flying all of the way to the Great Wall of China and crashing into it. Humpty Dumpty instantly shattered into a pile of yolk and shell. People started to try to eat him, but our forces came in time to pick up the remains of the fallen detective. We closed up the area with some police tape. We had Humpty Dumpty flown out of there and moved to a critical care unit at the hospital. And here we are now, in an interview.

Movie Review

Movie Title: Chronicle
Main Actors/Actresses: List their real name & character in the movie:
Dane DeHaan ...
Andrew Detmer
Alex Russell ...
Matt Garetty
Michael B. Jordan ...
Steve Montgomery

Summary of the Movie in your own words: An introverted and social awkward teen begins to film his life. His mother is slowly dying of cancer an his abusive step father doesn't care. Andrew (the teen) and his cousin go to a party where they meet up with Steve. Upon hearing a weird sound, they go to investigate with Andrews's camera. They enter the cave where they heard the noise coming from, all three boys immediately get nose bleeds and pass out. When they finally wake up. The boys had gotten telekinetic like powers. They start off using it for fun and jokes, but will power make them lose their friendship and eventually want more, even dominance over everyone?
Where did the movie take place? (Setting) When did the movie take place? (What year?) Seattle and modern time, no date specified.
Theme/Moral/Message of the movie: It would definitely be brotherhood and, to not abuse your power.
Intended Audience (Circle One): G PG (PG-13) Your opinion of the movie (why did you like it?): I believe that this was a wonderful movie because of its sic-if like items in it. In the movie theater definitely portray the power of telekinesis very well, thusly making it one of my favourite movies of all time.
Chronicle Trailer Official 2012 [HD] - Michael B. Jordan, Alex Russell
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Poll results for the question, "What is your favorite pop?"

Coca Cola: 28% with a total of 7 tallies.

Pepsi: 8% with a total of 2 tallies

Mountain Dew: 24% with a total of 6 tallies

Root Beer: 8% with a total of 2 tallies.

Bacon Flavored: 32%, with a total of 8 tallies.

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