Nicolae Ceausescu

By: Tessa Frasco


Born: January 26, 1918

Place: Scornicesti, Romania

Government Style

He ruled a Dictatorship style of government

3 Major Accomplishments

  1. 1965- Ceausescu was named "successor" for Gheorghio-Dej who was the leader at that time. Soon after, Gheorghio-Dej passed away leaving Ceausescu to lead
  2. 1969- Ceausescu got closer ties to the West
  3. 1969- Ceausescu tried to help people get more agricultural, industrial development, and a better relationship with China

2 Reasons/Characteristics Why Ceausescu Was Best For A Dictatorship Government

  1. Ceausescu was not afraid to make his own choice for the country
  2. Ceausescu spoke what was on his mind

Slogan for Ceausescu

Successor Ceausescu Will Be Back!