It's our job, students, teachers, and everyone,let's stop it


It is about time we stop bullying in schools. It is time to raise awareness, one step at a time we need to be determined to get it done.

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Bully prevention video
Bullying hurts, it is not a good feeling.

Ways to Prevent this

bullying can be prevented by more teaching being taught in schools, making it known so that kids do not make fun of each other or hit each other for differences between them. We need the teachers, students, and admins to step up everywhere in any school and to raise awareness, create meetings so any and every student can feel safe wherever they are.
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BULLY-FREE ZONE! (Anti-bullying song for kids!)

Lets all be a bully free Zone

Being a bully free zone, is the bets. stop bullying, rise awareness, make speeches. Its our time to end all of this now, and it is time for the teachers, students, and admins to step up and make posters, announcements, and teach each other the way bullying hurts and the ways that we can all fix the problem.