Electric City Comic Con

Guests 2018

Artists Alley

These talented artists and authors will be located inside the library in "Artists Alley." Stop-by to meet them, purchase their books, get them signed and chat with these amazing artists! You can see many of our artists at various workshops and programs throughout the day as well.

Bill Anderson

Bill Anderson has been inking comics for 35+ years, for Marvel (Silver Surfer, Cosmic Powers, Uncanny Origins) DC (Action Comics, Superman, Superboy) Mirage (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Turtle Soup) Comico (Elementals, Robotech, Jonny Quest) Claypool Comics (Elvira) and countless other publishers.

He has recently begun a new chapter of his career, co-creating and co-writing (and, of course, inking) the new project The Trust Book One: Silent Scream. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, the first issue of the series has just been printed, and he’ll have copies available at the convention, as well as selected issues of his older work.

Douglas Arthur

Douglas is the creator of the long running independent comic strip Tales From The Dougside which began 30 years ago in 1988. He began publishing book collections of his strips in 1995 and recently released his 14th book, The Dregs of Crime, as well as an updated and expanded edition of his compendium Antisocial Lawnmower.

Cara Bean

Cara Bean is the author of Draw 500 Funny Faces and Features and has been an art teacher at Lexington High School in Massachusetts for twelve years. She provides interactive workshops on creativity with people of all ages and backgrounds in various public forums. She enjoys watching the beginning of complex ideas emerge from the simple act of doodling on paper. When she is not teaching, she makes comics that delve into poetic self introspection, playful storytelling and topic relevant to teens and teaching. Cara lives near Boston with her partner Matt and their dog Raisin.

Ulises Fariñas 

Ulises Fariñas is the co-creator (along with writer Erick Freitas) of GAMMA, Motro, and Amazing Forest. He has worked as an artist on Catalyst Comix, and Transformers: Heart of Darkness.

IDW Comics hired Fariñas art duties on Judge Dredd: Mega-City Two in 2014. He followed up that series in 2016 with Judge Dredd: Mega-City Zero, which he wrote.

In 2016, Ulises Fariñas and Storme Smith launched Buño, a publishing imprint at Magnetic Press with Buño, Fariñas aims to provide an outlet which promotes creative freedom in storytelling and diversity of storytellers.

Mitra Farmand

Mitra Farmand is a cartoonist from Brookline, Massachusetts. In 2013 she graduated from The Center for Cartoon Studies in White River Junction, VT, so don’t worry, she’s certified to draw cartoons. She's had two cartoons published in The New Yorker, which is the sort of thing one puts in a bio. She looks like a cat-owning vegetarian, but she is neither of those things.

Zack Giallongo

Zack was born and raised in Massachusetts, although one half of his family lives in Indiana. Between New England and the Midwest, he’s a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll. He is the illustrator of The Stratford Zoo Midnight Review series as well as the author/illustrator of Broxo, Star Wars Ewoks: Shadow of Endor and Star War Doodles. He currently lives with two cats and enjoys playing the banjo. He also likes cheese, bowling, and writing in the third person.

E. Hanby

E. Hanby is the artist and writer behind "Black Peak", a webcomic about isolation and obsession in space. Originally a graphic designer, she branched out her skills to include illustration and comics and dedicated her free time to creating and self-publishing "Black Peak." She now works freelance doing art commissions and designs for clients out of Albany, NY.

E. Hanby currently works with Daniel Rowley writing and drawing Whitewater, her next webcomic available for free online.

Alisa Harris

Alisa Harris makes comics about cats (The Collected Counter Attack!), vegetarian recipes (Cooking Up Comics), and her post-art school days of living in almost every borough of NYC (Urban Nomad). By day she is an animator, designer, and storyboard artist for a web-based, educational company.

Shane Moore

Schenectady resident, artist and co-founder of Electro-Magnetic Press. Shane does the art for the comic series “The Omens." The first comic in his new series “Empire Comics” was recently published. Shane is also the artist who created our Electric City Comic Con mascot: Voltage

Neil Numbermann 

Neil Numberman is an illustrator and animator from bee-yutiful Greenpoint, Brooklyn, where he currently resides and works. After graduating from the School of Visual Arts MFA Illustration program in 2006, Neil went on to create the Joey Fly, Private Eye graphic novel series for kids with New York Times Bestselling author Aaron Reynolds, and the picture book Do NOT Build a Frankenstein! After slogging it out for many years at an ad agency as an art director, animator and illustrator, Neil finally become a full-time freelance artist and writer/illustrator in 2011, doing work for a number of notable clients, including MTV’s Liquid Television and ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover. Most recently he’s done dozens of illustrations for Highlights book series and illustrated the FLIP AND FIN picture book series, written by Timothy Gill. In his free time, Neil likes to make comics and perform them at comedy clubs around Manhattan.

Melody Often

Melody is the creator of the kaleidoscopic adventure comic book series, Trinadot, whose first issue was released in print in 2009 and will be released as a color webcomic this August. She is a Xeric recipient for the graphic novel In the Hands of Boys, written by her mother, Janet Tangirala, and has contributed to such anthologies as Young Bottoms In Love, Amazing Forest, and Magic Bullet. She does freelance illustration and paints in both the studio context and as live performance. Aside from exhibiting and speaking French she enjoys science podcasts and the natural world.

Phil Shaw

Phil Shaw is the creator, writer, and artist behind the free-to-read online comic Sacred Pie. When he's not working on Sacred Pie, he's up to his eyeballs laboring as an elementary school art teacher, municipal muralist, husband, father, cosplay enthusiast, and devourer of all things sci-fi, fantasy, video game, and comic book related.

Crispin Wood

Crispin Wood has been drawing comics for ages. His comic Rock School appeared in a monthly New England music periodical called The Noise from 1992 until 2015. In 2013, Crispin started a webcomic called Small Blue Yonder. People seem to like it. Check it out - it's family-friendly!

Comics Commons

Be sure to visit our "Comics Commons" area outdoors in front of the library. We are featuring comic related artisans, dealers, and organizations.

Friends of the Schenectady County Public Library

The Friends of the library fund raise and support all public programming at SCPL (among many other things!) Their efforts made our Comic Con possible. They will be selling fantasy, manga, science fiction and other used books to help raise funds for the library. The friends also run the popular Whitney Book Corner used book store on the corner of Union and Clinton St. Stop-by to join the Friends of the Library or learn about our new Junior Friends group.

Brotherhood of Evil Geeks

Sequestered in the dankest depths of the Evil Lair, the Brotherhood of Evil Geeks strive to bring you their honest opinions on the entertainment that we all love. Comics, video games, movies, TV shows, and geek culture in general are dissected, reviewed, then re-assembled by each Evil Geek with devious care and nefarious ingenuity. Through our written reporting and through our podcast “Transmissions From the Evil Lair” (Soon to be subliminal message free), we will show you the most vile and uncouth underbelly of the nerd world!

Christian St. Pierre

Christian is an artist who specializes in game and comic book illustration. He has worked with companies such as Topps, Fantasy Flight Games, Atlas Games, Catalyst Game Labs, Hero Games, and Mongoose Publishing.

The Costumer

Our local costume store and sponsors of this year's Cosplay Contest will be here selling a selection of costumes and accessories from their shop.


Founded in 1982, Electric City is the oldest comic store in New York's Capital District with over 70,000 back issues, plus books, comic supplies and action figures. New comics are on sale every Wednesday.


Danielle is a freelance illustrator and comic artist. I enjoy drawing and animals and bringing stories, such as mythology, to life.

Life in the Fass Lane

Handsewn kids masks, capes, costumes and more!

Living Resources Arts Program

Provide quality art instruction to artists with disabilities including classes in: drawing, painting, jewelry making, photography, videography, 2D & 3D design, Felting, Cartooning and Graphic Arts. The Arts Program has been highly recognized not only in the Capital District, but nationally as well. The students continue to win awards at numerous art shows including the State Wide Juried Art Show Voice!, The Autism Society Gala, The NYSACRA Conference, Sunny Viewpoint Gallery, and BUILT.

The Makeup Curio

The Makeup Curio is a boutique style business fused with an esthetics only salon that offers a unique blend of beauty, bridal, theater, skincare, and special fx. We sell wildly popular indy makeup brands like Graftobian, Gleam by Melanie Mills, Rubber Wear, Bdellium Tools, SmudgeFIXX, and more. Workshops for budding makeup artists include zombie creation and old age. Makeup services include options for brides, special occasion, makeup design for theater and film, and Halloween applications. Other esthetic services include facials, superficial chemical peels and waxing. Jenn will be at ECCC doing special face painting for all ages!

Open Door Bookstore

The Open Door is Schenectady's locally-owned independent bookstore and gift gallery, serving the capital region for more than 45 years. They will be selling a selection of graphic novels.


Penny is a professional illustrator specializing in clothing, prints, accessories and more!

Riedi's Handcrafted Gifts & Jewelry

Handcrafted Dragon eggs, super hero-inspired, fantasy-inspired, LOTR-inspired, TWD-inspired, GOT-inspired, upcycled steampunk glam, & wire-wrapped crystal/gemstone Jewelry.

Sara Hopkins

Sara Hopkins is a full-time artist and bird mama. She is cranky when she isn't drawing or eating good food.

Raymond Lowell

Raymond Lowell is an illustrator and purveyor of monsters, creeps, tentacles and the occasional spandexed hero. Founder and sole unpaid employee of Skunk Ape Design. He has illustrated, lettered and self-published the mini-comic, Moochie the Dumpster Kat, with writer Peggy LeGee and contributed art to Gore Shriek from FantaCo.

Sean Usyk

Sean's work captures the fantastical nature of storytelling for books, board games, and card games.

Team Manticore

Team Manticore is a husband and wife artistic duo making movies, paintings, crafts, games, comics, short stories, poems, and whatever else they are inspired to create.

Toying Around

Buy & Selling New & Vintage Toys, Comics, Trading Cards & So Much More ! Visit their storefront location in Johnstown for an even bigger selection!