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When Zachary Beaver Came to Town

By: Kimberly Willis Holt

Intro summary

Zachary Beaver is a boy who is really fat. He weighs 643 pounds. Tobias and his friend go visit Zachary and become his friends. Zachary learns that he needs friends to be happy.

(Overdrive, 2011)


Toby: The main character of the book. Parents are not together

Cal: Toby best friend.

Scarlett: Is Toby's crush. Is dating Juan

Juan: Scarlett's Mexican boyfriend. Likes to play baseball

Otto Wilson: The father of Toby. Works at a post office.

Wayne McKnight: Cal older brother. Is selected to fight in a war


There are multiple conflicts in this story. For example, Toby has to realize that Scarlett, his crush, doesn't like him. This is internal because he thinks there is something wrong with him. He also has do deal with his mom leaving Antler to chase her dream. This is also internal because the connection he had with his mom was strong, and he will miss her.


1.Toby Sees Scarlett and little sister at fair

2.Toby and Cal see Zachary Beaver for the first time

3.Toby sees Scarlett's boyfriend Juan

4. Pauline Rankin, Zachary's guardian, has left for a couple of days.

5.The sheriff says if she doesn't return, Zachary will be put in a foster home

6. Toby becomes friends with Zachary

7.Zachary tells a lot of stories that are mostly fake.

8.Cal's brother, Wayne is selected to go to war

9 Cal's brother dies in war

10. Zachary beaver wants to get baptized in Lake Gossamer

11.Zachary is to big to get out of his trailer

12. Toby and friends have to think of a way to get him there because social services will at his house by Friday

13. Scarlett figures out how to get him out of his trailer

14. The kids drive Zachary in the back of a truck to the lake

15. They baptize Zachary in the lake


" Charlie McKnight works his kid like slaves. He has hired help to do that." (Holt 27)
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Scholastic, 2011

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