Figurative Language

Personification, Idiom, Pun, Irony, Oxymoron


Personification is when you assign human characteristics to inanimate objects

EX: The flowers begged for water.


A idiom is a group of words that cannot really happen in real life.

Ex: Its raining cats and dogs


A pun is a group of words that can be taken two different ways

Ex: What do you call a mushroom at a party? A fun guy.


Irony is when someone expects the opposite of what actually happen

Ex: A professional cake holder drops your cake on the way into your house


A oxymoron is two words in a phrase that are opposite of each other

Ex: Freezer Burn

David The Baseball Player

David The Baseball Player

One day in the fine state of Ohio there was a boy named David that loved to play baseball. This was the day of his championship game and he was very excited. “I'm ready to go win this game!” David said all morning. He had to win this game or he was off his baseball team. As his family was about to leave it started raining very hard. “ AH MAN, it's raining cats and dogs out here now.” “It’s okay David.” his mom said, “ You're going to have the game no matter what.” That made David very relieved.

When David and his family made it to the game David was surprise to see that the rain stopped and that his team was going to play the game. David was in shock when he saw a MLB baseball player; Buster Posey. “ Act naturally.” David told his team when they walked by Buster. As David’s team walked by Buster said hi and told them that his son played on the team that was facing David’s team. David was so shocked.

As the game started nobody got a hit and the game was getting pretty ugly for both teams. “I bet that baseball is really happy that he doesn’t have to be hit here and there.” said David. “I bet so.” said David’s teammate. As Buster Posey’s son got up to bat Buster said, “Let’s get a hit here son.” “Get a hit, I can always get a hit” said Buster’s son. As the ball was pitched Buster’s son got called a strike three looking. “ I thought that Buster’s son would be a better hitter than that,” said David’s teammate Joshua. When Joshua was up to bat he was getting ready to swing and then…… GOT HIT IN THE HEAD! “ NOOOO,” said David as he ran up toward Joshua. When Joshua got up he said, “ I really did wonder why the baseball was getting bigger. Then it hit me.” We all laughed and so did Joshua. Then I went up to Joshua and said, “ Joshua; you just let us win the game because you got hit in the head; WE WON!” “YAH,” we all screamed. “WE WON THE CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!” After the game David went home with his family and got dinner.