Russian and the Eurasian Republics

Len Alexandria Graham

Russia is the largest country in the world. Russia's landmass stretches from 6 thousand miles from east to west. The Ural Mountains separate Asia and Russia. In the southwestern part of Asia, they have really large steppes where they farm and raise cattle for meat and other goods.

Russia and Asia both have 3 important energy resources. They are nonrenewable fossil fuels, peat, and hydro electric power, you find hydro electric power in their rivers, they use it to provide electricity for their cities and homes.

A lot of parts of Asia are semiarid or arid. Since they don't get a lot of rain it causes really bad droughts and it destroys crops as well. Since there's no rain it causes the Aral Sea to shrink, same as pesticides that kills everything and then causes it to shrink as well.