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Best Practices

Bell Ringers are Always a Good Idea! Illuminations provides tons of math brain teasers that will get your students thinking before class even starts!

Differentiation Strategies

Many of you have asked, how do I get group activities done when I have a large class size?

As you know it is difficult to manage breakout rooms with 20 students so just imagine the schools that have 100 students at a time. I saw this technique and thought it was worth sharing.

1. Keep all students in the main room and have them raise their hands.

2. You pair them up by the number assigned to them. ex. 1 is the partner of 2, 3 is the partner of 4

3. They private chat to discuss the assignment.

4. You uncheck the follow button and have blank slides for them to type their responses.

5. You give them time to discuss by setting the timer.

6. You tell them to find the next available blank slide to type their responses and then you give the time to complete that by setting the timer.

7. After you are done you choose a few to share to the entire class.

By doing this you are not going from room to room to ensure they are on task. You also do not have that dead space on your recording. I hope this makes it easier for some of you to get that group work in.

Using Graphic Organizers to Differentiate

Graphic organizers are a key foundational tool in growing student understanding. They are also a great differentiation tool. Consider ways you could use the traditional Venn Diagram and the triple Venn Diagram to meet the needs of your students and challenge those who are ready!

January Drop In Strategy Focus:

Meaningful, Active Student Engagement

Our team LOVES dropping in classrooms to see the fantastic instruction taking place! Last month we looked for standards based learning objectives guiding the lesson. We saw amazing examples of this in your rooms!

In January, we're looking for meaningful, active student engagement. What does that mean? Check out the wheel below! How many of these can you implement into one class connect session?

Big image

Tech Tips

Put those webcams to use!

Use your webcam to implement the use of math manipulatives in your class! Let your students jump on and do it too!

What is EDpuzzle?

EDpuzzle is a neat new educational site to help you better utilize video in your classroom for learning. You can find and crop video to use only what you need, add audio notes within the video or do some voice over work for a video, and you can embed questions throughout the video to track student understanding. EDpuzzle collects data as students watch and interact with the video. You can see if and when a student watched the video, and see the progress of all students through the answers to embedded questions. Flip videos anyone?

Professional Development