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4/4/16 - 4/10/16

Our Mission: to Engage Students' Minds, Muscles, and Imaginations

Black Beards Birthdays of the Week

4/4 - Jadyn Richardson

4/6 - Starla Larrick

4/7 - Kayla Motley

4/7 - Brayden Kohlreiser

4/10 - Thalin Roldan

Events of the High Seas

4/11 = PTO Meeting

4/11 = Little Caesar's Fundraiser starts

4/12 = Parent/Teacher Conference

4/19 = PICTURE DAY at 9:00AM

Asset Builder of the Week - Asset #26 - Caring - Kristen Sacta

Hi! My name is Kristen Sacta and I won asset builder of the week for Caring back in October. I show caring by helping my friends here at school. Sometimes I help my brother with his homework. I care for my church by contributing to the collection box. I care for my community by helping to keep it clean. You can show caring, too, by placing high value on helping other people.

April Asset Builder of the Month - Deion Hadley

Deion Hadley is a fourth grade student at Frank Nicholas Elementary and is our choice for Asset Builder of the Month. Deion exemplifies many of the 42 Developmental Assets. At home, he has a lot of family support from his mom, dad, and older brother (Asset #1). He loves spending time outdoors and playing with his friends in the neighborhood (Asset #13). He is responsible for cleaning his room and helping to take care of his dog, Izzy (Asset #30). At school, Deion is respectful and caring (Asset #26). He is honest (Asset #29) and turns his homework in on time each week (Asset #23). He is a member of the Junior Youth Leadership Board (Asset #9) and he also participated in the district’s basketball league. Deion just started playing football for a team called the Chargers (Asset #18) and, in his spare time, he loves to read chapter books (Asset #25). Deion likes all the assets but his favorite is Grit (Asset #42) because “I never give up!” Deion will need that kind of attitude to become a professional basketball player when he grows up (Asset #40). Congratulations, Deion, for being our Asset Builder of the Month.

Pirate Parent Page

The testing window for the Ohio State Test begins next Monday April 11th.

Frank Nicholas testing schedule:

Tuesday - April 12th

ELA Part 1 Grades 3-5

Wednesday - April 13th

ELA Part 2 Grades 3-5

Tuesday - April 26th

Math Part 1 - Grades 3-5

Wednesday - April 27th

Math Part 2 - Grades 3-5

Tuesday - May 3rd

Social Studies Part 1 - Grade 4

Science Part 1 - Grade 5

Wednesday - May 4th

Social Studies Part 2

Science Part 2

Little Caesar's Pizza Fundraiser

Nicholas students will be selling Little Caesar's Pizza Kits to raise money for Frank Nicholas School. Little Caesar's Pizza Kits are easy and fun for the entire family to make delicious pizza for everyone to enjoy. Information packets will be sent home with students on Friday April 8th.

Frank Nicholas Student Receives The Moraine Rotary Club Outstanding Student Award

Congratulations to Micah Fulwiler for being selected for the Moraine Rotary Club Outstanding Student Award! Micah is a fifth grade student at Frank Nicholas Elementary. She was chosen for this award because she shows outstanding qualities as a student and an asset builder.

Micah is very deserving of this award and Frank Nicholas is very proud. Micah will be presented the award at the Moraine City Council meeting on Thursday April 14th. The meeting begins at 6pm at the Moraine Municipal Building on Dryden Road.

First Annual World Fair

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