Learn More About Obestity

By: Tico and Sydney

What is Obesity?

Obesity means having more body fat than you should have.If you are obese you have a higher risk of diabetes,heart disease,strokes,arthritis, and some cancers.If you lose 5 to 10 percent of your weight it is possible for some of these diseases to be delayed, or prevented.


How is Obesity prevented?

It can be prevented by following a healthy lifestyle. Such as getting exercise, and not sitting around and doing nothing. Also you could follow a healthy eating plan, like eating nutritious foods. You could also reduce time in front of the T.V, a computer, or a iPod, iPad, and any other hand held devices.


What does Obesity do to your body?

Obesity can give you a heart disease, diabetes type 2, and diseases to your bones and joints. Heart disease includes many problems. Those problems include heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, and chest pain.


Can obesity kill you?

Yes obesity can kill you. The fat can make your heart muscles thicker and less efficient. Also it can crush your lungs. Obesity can also make you think unclearly. It can also cause cirrhosis, even if you don't drink. Can stunt growth in children. Also it can cause Type 2 Diabetes.


What is the relevance of Obesity?

More than 35% of adults have obesity, and more than another 34% are overweight. Obesity actually affects 17% of all children and teens in the U.S. Which is actually 3 times how common it was just 1 generation ago. Close to 32% percent of all children and teens are obese or overweight.


How is obesity obtained?

If you take in the same amount of energy as you use each day then your weight will stay the same. So if you take in more energy then you use each day you will gain weight. If you gain to much weight then you will become obese or overweight.


Signs and Symptoms Of Obesity

Some signs and symptoms are heart disease, strokes, diabetes, and sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is where you don't breathe for about 20 seconds in your sleep. If you are an adult and you are out growing your clothes that could be a sign of over weight. If you can't exercise as much as you used to that could be a sign as well.



How do you maintain/control obesity?

You could change your lifestyle, such as if you eat junk food you could eat healthy foods. Also if you get no exercise you could exercise more. Also you could go to a website, that tell you healthy foods to eat, and how may calories a food is.


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