My Smore Flyer

Comparison Between Anne Frank and Daniel


1) Both Daniel & Anne were 13 at the beginning of the Holocaust

2) They both had most of their family die because of the Holocaust

3) They both went through many tough changes during the beginning of Hitlers reign


1) Unlike Anne, Daniel survived the Holocaust along with his dad

2) Anne hid with her family in an attic in the Netherlands, while Daniel and his family were sent to camps from their home in Germany.

3) Daniel went to all the concentration camps while Anne died at the first one she went to.

Pivotal Action

While Daniel was hiding from the Nazis in the ghetto, he chose to abandon his hiding place and escape the camp. He was caught by the Nazis on his way out of the camp. He chose to do this because his cousin left their hiding spot and the coast looked clear. If Daniel chose to stay a little longer then he might have escaped without being caught.