Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

by Mark Twain

Summary for Noval

Huckleberry Finn went to a house dressed up like a girl to ask for directions.So he went to a house with people that just moved in so he wouldn't be found out. It didn't go too well for finn though.The woman in the house just didn't buy it and he was discovered guy. So he got help and left. He also discovered that they were about to search his island for Jim so he found out they had to move quick.
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Summary for movie

Huckleberry FInn was talking with a young girl about his age. He was trying to act like he knew what he was talking about but only lied. The more he lied the worse it got. The girl got in trouble though by her mother. Her mother yelled at her for being rude and asked her to apologize she was not happy but had to apologize. Then leaves the house
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"honey, I thought you said it was Sarah when you first come in?" Oh yes'm I did. Sarah Mary Williams. Sarah's my first name. Some call's me Mary"

he is lying in this quote of the book

Huckleberry Finn (young Elijah) and Susan Wiks( Laura Bell Bundy):D

The Movie of "Adventures of HuckleBerry Finn

The movie wasn't the same as the book. It had its differences but had the right idea. In the book he went to the women's house and talked to her. In the movie he was dressed as a guy and talked to a young girl.The girl and Finn argued and the girl got in trouble. The girl calls Finn a filthy liar but he was.