St Mary's School Donnybrook

2022 Week 9 Term 3

We want our children to be: Caring, Believers, Open, Secure, Well-Balanced, Generous, Creative

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Dates to Remember

Wednesday 14 September 2022: Jumps, Throws and Distance Races

Wednesday 14 September 2022: Cookie Dough due to arrive - SMS will be sent when this arrives.

Friday 16 September 2022: Faction Athletics Carnival

Thursday 22 September 2022: Public Holiday

Friday 23 September 2022: P&F Spaghetti Meal Deal

Friday 23 September 2022: Last day of Term 3

Term 4

Monday 10 October 2022: First Day of Term 4

Tuesday 11 October 2022: School Photo Day

Wednesday 12 - Friday 21 October 2022: Swimming Lessons

Sunday 16 October @ 10am: Confirmation for Catholic Year 6 Students

Tuesday 25 - Friday 28 October 2022: Year 6 Camp

school uniform

A reminder that students are to wear the correct uniform.

Sport shoes are only to be worn with sport uniform. Black dress shoes to be worn with normal school uniform.

Hair must be tied up if longer than collar length. Only black, navy, red or white hair ties to be worn.

Earrings must be sleepers or small simple stud.

Summer dresses are only to be worn in Term 1 and 4.

Please refer to the uniform policy link if you are unsure or contact the office for further clarification.

A note from the Principal

Dear Parents & Caregivers

Emotions Matter

In my last newsletter we spoke about why emotions matter. Emotions drive our learning, decision-making, creativity, relationships, and health so it is important that we develop the skills and strategies that allow us to do these things well. To better understand our emotions, we first need to be able to recognise, understand and label our emotions. One tool we will be using with our students next year is the Mood Meter. The Mood Meter gives students the vocabulary and options to better describe their emotions. The emotions explain how we are feeling along a scale between energy and pleasantness. The Mood Meter can be used to explain how we are feeling, which can be useful to others who may be trying to support us, but also to ourselves as we aim to either extend an emotion or move emotions.

All emotions matter, but some might not be suited to the situation we find ourselves in. For example, feeling peaceful might be good for learning, but it might not be the best mood if we are about to complete on the sporting field. By understanding our emotions, we can choose strategies that help us move into an emotion that is more suited to the given situation or move out of an unwanted or undesired emotion.

A copy of the Mood Meter can be found on our school website. Maybe print it out and try using it with your family.

In the next newsletter we will look at the skills and strategies we can employ to help us bring our best selves to any situation.

Athletics Carnival

Our annual Athletics Carnival is coming up this Wednesday 14th September (jumps, throws and long-distance running events) and Friday 16th September (K/PP, team games and sprints). Both days commence at 9am and parents are invited to attend (there will be a coffee van on the Friday). Information has been sent home, along with P&F lunch orders for the Friday. If you did not receive any communication, please see us in the office.

Playground Update

It’s official! We will have two new playgrounds built for the commencement of 2023. Thank you to Donnybrook Bendigo Bank, the Donnybrook Chamber of Commerce, Donnybrook Amcal Life Clinic, the P&F, the Schools Advisory Council, the students, staff and parent community for their support in getting this initiative approved. It is going to be very exciting for our students and our community.

School Photos

Our school photo day is booked for Tuesday 11th October (Week 1 next term). On this day students will need to wear their formal summer uniform. Please see the uniform policy on our school website for uniform requirements if you are unsure.

Year 6 Camp

Our Year 6 camp is booked for Week 3 next term.

Year 1-6 Swimming Lessons

Information has been sent home to parents regarding Term 4 Swimming lessons. Swimming lessons will occur between Wednesday 12th and Friday 21st October. On these days students will need to bring their bathers, towel and uniform to change into.

P&F Meeting

Our next P&F Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 1st November at 9am. Please mark this in your calendar and prepare to support the school.

Mini Marvels

Our Mini Marvels 3-year-old program is a parent involved Pre-Kindy program which runs every Thursday morning in the Kindy room between 9-10:30am with Mrs Fiumano. If you know anyone with children looking to enrol in Kindy 2023, please share this information with them.

2023 Enrolments

We are currently taking 2023 enrolments across all year levels. If you know of anyone who may be interested in taking advantage of our low fees initiative and joining a thriving community, please have them contact us on 97324700 to book a school tour with the principal. Our Kindergarten positions are limited and filling up quickly so act now to secure your place.

Important Dates

Our last day for Term 3 is Friday 23rd September, and our first day of Term 4 is Monday 10th October. Students are back to summer uniform for Term 4. The uniform shop is fully stocked should you need to purchase any items. I wish you all a safe and enjoyable holidays with your loved ones.

Mr Andrew Gammon


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