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Our history

Nintendo was founded on September 23,1889 by fusajiro yamauchi yamauchi. At the time they were still doing cards and small restaurants and love hotels and things.But than in the 1960s they started developing toys and such.Later they became a fully pledged video game company in the 1970s,becoming one of the most influential in the video game industry and the 3rd most valuable company at the time with a market value of 85 billion US dollars.Their first video game hits were the game and watches.they were small LCD games that were simple and could tell time.There were many different versions varying from horizontal to vertical and 1 screen to 2 screen which also inspired the ds. Later Nintendo entered the new home console market with the famicon AKA the family computer.Than they decided to expand to america.But sadly at the time there was the game crash of 1983 where everyone didn't know if they could trust the home console market anymore.
Nintendo - New amiibo TV Commercial
Nintendo Wii U Trailer (E3 2011)