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News From the Principal

Dear Shimek Families,

First, I hope that this message finds you and yours doing well. I wanted to take just a moment to provide you with some exciting updates as we at Shimek begin to prepare for the upcoming school year.

To begin, we are really looking forward to starting the 2021-22 school year in a newly renovated building. Work is scheduled to wrap-up in August and there are many changes that will be noticeable and perhaps not so noticeable. Things that are being changed ‘behind the scenes’ are things like upgraded electrical, lighting, and a new geothermal heating and cooling system. Those things that are more visible include a new gymnasium, art room and front office. Additionally, we are adding a new hallway in the ‘pod’ classroom areas so that students are no longer required to pass through a classroom on their way to another given space in the building. And for those students who were here with us after spring break this year, you will remember that many of our classroom spaces are also being updated with casework, new ceiling and flooring and a fresh coat of paint. We are also looking forward to the addition of new furniture throughout the building... We are very excited to have an environment that will be more conducive to learning.

Next, I am pleased to announce that we have our projected staffing for next year's classroom teachers! Barring any unforeseen changes over the summer, below are the homeroom teachers and class lists we are beginning to prepare for heading into the fall. I'm very happy to share that thanks to additional Elementary & Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) funds and the district’s commitment to smaller class sizes through these dollars, all of our Shimek onsite and online teachers for the 2020-21 school year are able to join us in-person here at Shimek next year!

In addition to this homeroom staffing, we have also been allocated a full-time academic support teacher (Ms. Cordova) to help provide supplemental and intensive small group instruction for those students who may need a boost next year based on our screening data. I know that Ms. Cordova is excited to take on this new role and I am confident that she is going to do a fantastic job.

In closing, we hope that you are all able to enjoy a much-deserved summer break from classes. Thank you so very much for your ongoing support - you are a huge part of what makes our community so wonderful. Thank you.

Take care and all of my very best.

Most sincerely,

Chris Pisarik

Principal, Shimek Elementary School


Kindergarten - Ms. Kalsem

Ziana A

Elanor A

Adeline B

Fletcher B

Qanani B

Wyatt B

Ruby C

Martin D

Frances F

Malcolm L

Brady M

Floyd N

Isla O

Asa O

Autumn W

Total: 15

Kindergarten - Mrs. Muhlenbruch

Tanner B

Naomi B

Beckham D

Eliana H

Hudson H

Kenleigh I

Lilliana K

Khloe K

Jack M

Wagan M

Ann-Marie N

Aurelia P

Evelyn S

Charlie S

Hunter T

Total: 15

1st Grade

1st Grade - Mrs. Meade

Reuben A

Elowyn B

Olivia C

Krew D

Leo E

Rosalind J

Karleigh K

Sammy L

Pascale N

Flynn P

Tre R

Becca S

Sloane W

Noah W

Total: 14

1st Grade - Mrs. Rozz

Abraham B

Ethan B

Caius D

Leen F

Awad H

Briar K

Kate M

Thor N

Orion O

Khloe S

Anya S

Cooper T

Carter T-M

Laurel W

Total: 14

2nd Grade

2nd Grade - Ms. Montrose

Emmett B

Cara C

Felicity D

John F

Anthony G

Will G

Jarquise J

Gracen K-N

Presley K-N

Evelyn M

Athena M

Emma M

Eliana N

Jillian N

Rowan O

Ridwan O

Landon R

Cora S

Jesse W

Faye W

Finnian W

Total: 21

3rd Grade

3rd Grade - Mrs. Chapman

Landry B

Molly B

Eleanor B

William B

Lidia C

Archer C

Grace C

Felix D

Jace D

Momen F

Marley H

Adelaide L

Reed M

Nora S

Peyton S

Satchel V

Collin W

Total: 17

3rd Grade - Mrs. Schneider

Yahya A

Emme A

Freddie B

Addison B

Adelaide B

Nevaeh B

Kyler D

Emily D

Harper E

Antonio G

Daniel M

Jacob M

Max O

Gabby P

Elliot P

Hudson S

Total: 16

4th Grade

4th Grade - Mrs. Skay

Archer A

Analise B

Marcia B

Zoey B

Wayu B

Claire C

Maclean D

Alice F

Jack G

Calvin G

Weston H

Ethan H

Georgia H

Kameron K

Niah L

Kelton L

Luke L

Anna M

Ava M

Gavin N

Jordyn N

Harper N

Mavryk O

Ben W

Cecilliyah W

Total: 25

5th Grade

5th Grade - Mr. Moore

Allie A

Alaina B

Walker B

Whitman B

Cole C

Otto C

Isaiah C

Helena C

Taylor D

Paige F

Josephine H

Jumana H

Novie J

Brooke K

Colton K

Louisa L

Jack L

Joseph M

James M

Sam M

Samuel O

Elsa P

Miles R

Sydney R

Nyle S

Georgia S

Paxton W

Total: 27

6th Grade

6th Grade - Ms. Mueller

Delainey B

Tuke B

Bianca C

Finley D

Shadin F

Jack G

Jonah H

Jessica K

Aiden K

Miles L

Ryan M

Iyana M

Wyatt M

Hayden M

Janiah N

Alden N

Charlie O

Lauren P

Khloe S

Maya S

Sullivan S

Aaron S

Alrik S

Charlie T

Nola V

Eve V

Total: 26

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