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What did independence mean for Singapore?

What were the responses and feelings of the people who went through independence? Why did they feel that way?

Many People Grief at the seperation , While many others also cheered as they did not have to deal with the trouble given by Malaya . Those who felt grief were due to the fact they felt a connection to Malaya while those who cheered were because there were too many bloodshed when both countries merged , so when Singapore was kicked out , they felt relieved

Problems that Singapore went through after Independence

Problems Singapore faced during were the Lack of Jobs , Lack of Shelters and Racial Conflicts

  • Lack of Jobs
Many Singaporeans had alot of jobs relating to the Britishs . When S'pore was still under the rule of the British , locals worked as cleaners and servants etc. Due to the separations , many locals had lost their jobs , same went for the Common Market

  • Lack of Shelters
There were abundant of Farmlands in Singapore during the 60s that were suitable for development . But due to Terrace-Like Houses , further developement were futile.

  • Racial Conflicts
During the merge , many people had Racial Conflicts with the other races , resulting in a bloody riot occured in 1964 , one of the worst racial riots recorded in History

Sources that support Abive

Link : http://weishernih2012.blogspot.sg/2012/01/problem-faced-by-singapore-in-1960s.html

Textbook :

Singapore The making of a Nation-State , 1300-1975

"The Singapore Cabinet was informed of the separation on 7 August when we met Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew at Temasek House , We were all very surprised . But in my heart I said , "That's the best news I have heard so far because in the two years since Singapore joined Malaysia , I could see the difficulties dealing with those people in Kuala Lumpur".

-Adapted froma an account by Othman Wok in 1982.

"I had no reaction beyond sensing that it was something important , I was not aware of the political issues than."

- Comment by S.Vijiayan , a Secondary 2 student 1965