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August is a time of new beginnings and reflections. On Monday, August 28, classes at SHU will begin! As we prepare to do great things in Education, we also express our sincerest gratitude toward our Executive Board predecessors Daria, Julia, Christian, Anne, Leo, and Cathy - thank you for a successful year! We can't wait to share with you our new ideas, inspiration, and accomplishments.

Yours in Education,

Emma, Jacqueline, Karly, Katie, Caroline, & Sarah

Xi Gamma Chapter Executive Board, Seton Hall University

Κ Δ Π International Honor Society in Education

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educator resource: self care at work

5 Tips for Taking a Mental Break at Work


  • Doodle (1 min. – 10 min.)—Even though you’re all grown up, there’s no reason why you can’t doodle at your desk! Adult coloring books have become very popular and companies are beginning to offer them as a way to keep your mind active.
  • Origami (5 min. – 15 min.)—Known for its intricate designs and beautiful constructions, origami is a fantastic way to challenge your skills and give your mind a break from that looming deadline.

  • Meditate (1 min. – 10 min.)—Find a quiet spot or close your office door and turn on some relaxing nature sounds to help reduce the chaos just beyond your desk. Deep breathing exercises can also help you meditate and refocus your energy.
  • Zen Garden (1 min. – 3 min.)—Don’t have time to get away from your desk? Try your hand at a small Zen garden. Create designs in the sand and add natural elements to the garden to help transfer energy where you need it most.

  • Walk/Exercise (5 min. – 15 min.)—Need something a little more active than a simple diversion to clear your mind? A brisk walk will not only help meet your daily step goal, but will also boost your brain back into a more productive mode.
  • Fidget (1 min. – 2 min.)—Join in on the latest fad, fidget gadgets. They are convenient and quiet, allowing you to take a mental break without anyone ever knowing.

  • Power Nap (10 min. – 30 min.)—If you’re someone who can sleep anywhere, a power nap might be the best re-energizer for you. During your lunch break, close your office door or go to your car to maximize your sleep session.
  • Rest Your Eyes (1 min. – 5 min.)—Turn off your computer monitor and avoid your devices and other electronic displays. Go to a window and let your eyes soak in the outdoors.

  • Listen to Music (5 min. – 30 min.)—Stimulate the right side of your brain with your favorite music. Playing music while you work may provide just the right amount of diversion to complete your day with as much drive as you started with. Unless your entire office plans to participate with you, be sure to use headphones.
  • Play Music (5 min. – 10 min.)—Download an instrumental or synthesizer app on your phone and tap away. There are some ingenious apps that can challenge your musical mind. If you work from home, turn up the amps and really jam out. Breaking away from the norm and entertaining your musical side can get those creative juices flowing again.

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Hit Reset: 5 Tips for Taking a Mental Break at Work

educator resources: professional

Classroom Checklist K-6 App By Kappa Delta Pi

The Classroom Checklist Central K–6 app is the new teacher’s little helper for effectively applying the concepts and theories from teacher preparation to the actual classroom. Use this app to quickly see whether you’re on track for success as you create and teach routines, prepare for a sub, plan for a unit or field trip, write an assessment, get ready for parent-teacher conferences, and more. Check off the steps as you do them, and then reset the category and use it again! More here.

Climate Change: Understanding the Impact

This collection is designed to show the connections between climate change and other topics like changing agricultural needs. For resources that directly explain the science behind climate change see the Clue into Climate and Climate Literacy collections.

Prevent Summer Slide with Major League Baseball

Avoid summer slide in math and literacy with Major League Baseball and EverFi‘s Summer Slugger program!

New York State and Local History and Government

New York State and Local History and Government is a collection of resources designed to complement the New York State Social Studies Framework for 4th Grade. These media-rich resources and accompanying support materials cover disciplinary core topics from the geography of New York State to immigration and migration.

Bright By Text

BBT provides text message tips for parents and caregivers of children under 5 (including grandparents, aunts, uncles, babysitters, and nannies). Messages are targeted to the specific age of your child and include information on child development, early literacy, health, and safety, as well as local events happening in your community. Sign up for free by texting “HERO” to 274448 and start receiving messages right away!

Sesame Street in Communities

Current topics include Reading & Writing, Eating Well, Exploring Emotions, Learning Through Routines, Helping Kids Grieve, plus much more to come in the next year! We invite you to follow Sesame Street in Communities on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. For updates and to receive the SSIC newsletter, sign up for an account at

calling all CEHS alumni

Dear Alumni,

Are you doing something amazing in your classroom/school/district/institution? A project you are working on? A presentation? A talk? A workshop?

Please get in touch so we can celebrate your accomplishments together! We would love to feature you in this newsletter and do a write up a short narrative about the project.

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shu college of education & human services in the news

Addressing the Need for Special Education Teachers in New Jersey

Associate Professor Lauren McFadden discusses CEHS programs that prepare teacher candidates to help all learners become successful.

Student Test Scores Reflect Environment Over Knowledge

Research by Associate Professor Christopher Tienken shows that standardized test scores can be highly predictable based on community.

Many Are One Honors Two CEHS Alumna

CEHS was proud to honor two women who have demonstrated superior leadership and growth in their respective professions. Their work over time has made an impact on the many whom they have served, changing lives for the better and leaving a lasting legacy for all to follow.

CEHS' Collaboration with Project Citizen

Students from Florence M. Gaudineer Middle School, Springfield, NJ teamed up with Seton Hall Secondary Education students on an interdisciplinary curriculum program called Project Citizen. Throughout the semester, SHU students from various education disciplines consulted online with the middle schoolers in preparation the statewide Project Citizen competition.

Four Graduate Students Receive Prestigious Services to Transition-Age Youth (STAY) Fellowships

This year, all four applications submitted through the Department of Professional Psychology and Family Therapy were awarded to fund Sonay Culpepper, Brittany Harden and Leslie Perez, M.A. Counseling, Ed.S. Professional Counseling; and Gina Testa, M.A. School Counseling.

Research Spotlight in Educational Studies: Examining the Use of Biofeedback to Improve Attention

Seton Hall University Research Council awarded the PIRATE Project a grant to fund a study that uses a form of biofeedback that trains brainwaves, called neurofeedback, to improve attention in individuals with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Online Master's In Educational Leadership Ranked Among Best For 2017 has ranked Seton Hall's online Master's in Education Leadership, Management and Policy as one of the 25 best in the nation, and first among only two New Jersey universities.

education in the news

The first THE ranking measuring teaching across Europe will be launched at the event next year

career links

First Impressions Matter: Here's How to Make All of Them Great

If you focus on these five tips, you’ll leave every person you meet with a clear idea of who you are and a desire to help you, which add up to a very positive first impression.

Don’t Let Your Dissertation Run Your Life

If you allow research to take over, you will be missing these important aspects: working with people outside your field, seeing what different careers actually look like, having experiences other than your research, developing key transferable skills, building a network of people who can refer you to jobs, maintaining and enhancing physical health, mental health, a social life, and an understanding of who you are in the world.

The Five Worst Resume Mistakes -- And How To Fix Them

It's a new day. We don't have to sound like zombies and robots in our resumes anymore. We don't have to list the tasks and duties we performed at every job we've held. We can use a human voice in our resumes and sound like living, breathing people — and it's high time we did!

conferences in education

About #KDPconvo17
Convocation, or Convo, is more than just a biennial conference—it’s one of KDP’s longest-standing traditions. The workshops, idea exchanges, keynote speakers, and networking opportunities make Convo truly a one-of-a-kind experience. Attendees have an opportunity to meet education rock stars including members of the Laureate Chapter, present workshops or poster sessions, and get training as chapter leaders. Convo is also where chapter and individual award winners are recognized. It is an event that every Kadelpian should experience at least once.
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Join us for our fourth Times Higher Education World Academic Summit 2017, taking place from 3 to 5 September in partnership with King’s College London. Take part in inspirational debate and discussion with leaders of the world’s best and most ambitious universities, hear the results of the THE World University Rankings 2017-18, and be privy to exclusive analysis of the data to help you understand how your institution can improve.

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