this is my family

killer kid

this is my brother zack and niece sage.

`These are my sister nicole and keshia

this is the youngest of the family Mikey or mike

My Parents Mike and Sandi

this is what we do to my cousin when he falls asleep lmao

This is Mister the only dog that servied sadie's litter. He is a mamas boy

This is Sadie my dad gave her to my mom on V-Day.

these are my brothers,sisters,and cousins

This Is Samantha Gomes she is mine and my sisters bestfriend.Sam passed away at the age of fifteen, a year later my poppie died i went through really hard times then. This is my grandma and grandpa.

I soon went to HGS for a year then got out.

Then i came here

Art Attack // LOVE Timelapse Painting by Ken Garduno

if there was a video it would be about art because i love to draw