Wrap Around Kindergarten

April / May 2015 Newsletter

Mrs. Bussiere's Class

Wrap has it all! From reading to writing, from making slime to singing songs, from play time to puzzle time and from identifying numbers to identifying states. We do it all and we have so much fun! Want to see exactly what we do in Wrap? Visit one of the newsletters for details and pictures. Enjoy!

Wrap Centers

Investigation Center

· Chemistry with Cornstarch - First a solid and then a liquid!

· Polishing Penny Experiment - What happens when copper mixes with oxygen?

· What is a Rainbow? Investigating prisms!

· Tornado in a Bottle - What is a tornado? What causes a tornado? What is a funnel cloud?

What is the Fujita Scale?

· Estimation Activity - How many pennies will it take to sink a bowl in a container of water

. Paper Airplanes - How does a plant take flight?

Math Center

  • Identified coins
  • identified days of the week
  • Practiced addition using spinners
  • Geoboard shapes
  • Traced numbers and identifying what

Writing Center

• Alphabet Book - Aa through Xx

· Journal Writing - We are becoming young authors and illustrators!

· Creative Writing - What would you buy with a pot of gold?

· What do you like to do in the spring? How will you help the planet?

· Sight Word Bingo

Art / Literacy Center

· Lucky O’Leprechaun in School - Leprechaun art

· Gung Hay Fa Choy - We made a Chinese Lantern

· Spring Thaw (brrrr!) - Fun with umbrella art

· Bartholomew and the Oobleck – Oobleck (ask me about Oobleck!)

· Grandfather Tangs Story - Tangram art

· Kite Flying - We created sponge print kites

· And Then It’s Spring- We had fun with our clothespin chicken in an egg craft

. Let’s Celebrate Earth Day - We made a water bottle Piggy Bank!

State of the Week

So far we have traveled to: WA, AL, CA, AK, AZ, ME, VA, MA, MT, CT, CO, MO, PA, TX, OK, MI, WI, IL, KY, FL, NH, ND, WY, VT, ID, WV, SD, AR, NV, DE, UT, KS, IA, IN, NC, RI, SC, TN, MD, OH, NE, LA, NM, MN and OR! Ask me about my travels!