Color Guard is Nearing!!

Our Action Plan

*Before the Weather is Nice*

Steps we can take to get you in tip-top shape

Unfortunately, there isn’t much we can do preparation wise before the weather gets nice. This won't stop us! Everything I will have you do now will not have you spinning anything, but it will help you get ready for it. So, I'm sorry none of this is very fun. Tough this all may seem pointless and boring.. and nothing to do with spinning.. it does, and it will all help when we start learning how to spin.

Lead with your left foot

This may seem extremely silly, but it will help you a bunch when it comes to marching. You want to have leading with your left foot to be second nature. Try to concentrate on always leading with your left foot. This will help you in the long run when it comes to marching.

March Step

Work on marching. Anytime you don't care about how stupid you look, work on marching.. mainly your roll stepping and having a straight, strong back.

Keep the beat and count

This is very important, When listening to music, KEEP THE BEAT and count to eight. Everything we do is done in an eight-count. A good thing to remember when tapping your feet to the beat is all odd numbers will always be done with your left foot, and all even number will be your right foot. Being familiar with the beat will help you so much.

Getting your arms in shape

You're pretty in shape already, but if you want to exercise anything, it would be your arm and wrists. Get in the habit of stretching out your wrists a ton... they start to hurt very quickly in color guard.

Your Color Guard SMILE

When in front of the mirror, always take a moment to work on your color guard smile. Your smile is absolutely important. Make it big, enthusiastic, and show teeth without looking like your trying to murder someone... :D

Point your toes

Color Guard has a lot to do with dance, so make sure to practice pointing your toes!!


Stretch. It will help you SO much!!! :D