6th Grade Math News Update

To keep kids and parents in the loop of 6th grade math at PV

2nd Semester

Parents and Guardians,

In an effort to communicate better, your child's math teachers will be periodically creating these updates to send out! We welcome any feedback, questions, suggestions, etc. on making 6th grade math the best it can be!


In 45 minutes a day, it is virtually impossible to fill your child's brain with all the math they need to know by the end of the year... that is where homework comes in! It is vital that your child is doing their online and offline homework EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK.

Every student is required to complete 45 minutes of think through math every week for the rest of the school year


username: ems###### (using their student id number)

password: ###### (using their number)

In addition, every student is required to watch videos and take quizzes on Edmodo


username: ems###### (using their number)

password: mmddyyyy (using their birthdate)

In addition to that, there will be one piece of spiral review paper homework that will go home on Mondays and will be due on Fridays. If a student loses the paper, you will be able to print it from Edmodo

While this seems like ALOT of homework, it should add up to be no more than 90 minutes per week... students that regularly complete their homework, regularly perform better on tests.


Based on the results of the Semester Exams as well as student performance in math during the 1st semester, some schedule changes may be made to make sure that all students are getting the support they need to be successful. This may include a new PRIDE teacher for mandatory math tutorials, an elective class change to be enrolled in an RTI math class or mandatory before and after school tutoring. Look for more info on this in the next two weeks.