Bangladesh War

By:Madison Giordano

How long the Bangladesh War lasted

The Bangladesh War lasted about nine months which was from March 26,1971-December 16,1971 until Pakistan had surrendered against Bangladesh.

How many peope were killed im the bangladesh war?

The Bangladesh War was definitely a dangerous war considering Pakistan military had raped two hundred thousand Bengali women.People suggest that they did that to terrorize the minority of Bangladesh.Besides that some people say 3 million people had died and some say 300,000 people died but either way a lot of tragedy had happened during this war.

How the bangladesh war affected peoples lives

The Bangladesh War affected many Bengali peoples lives a lot because they finally had Independence from Pakistan,but they also had to go through a lot of suffering and tragedy to win their independence.Only very few families were unaffected by the war.This war mostly affected people who lost their families in the war.This war affected Pakistan as well because of their loss of this War it brought shame to their country which is a big deal to them.This war also affected the relationship between India and Pakistan since India decided to go against them in the war.

Reasons for the War

There was a few reasons why the bangladesh war had happened one reason was difference in religions.Another reason for the war was obviously to gain independence from Pakistan which they did.Also due to the discrimination im the economy and ruling powers against them, they then protested for independence.The last reason was money East pakistan made 70% of pakistans imports while they received only 25% so although East pakistan had the largest population they had the least political power.

Who won the war?And how?

Bangladesh won the war!They won and got their freedom they deserved,but how they go it is the interesting part.On December 3rd India got involved in the war, they launched a massive offensive against pakistan forces to support the Bangladesg Movement.Bangladesh put up a tough fight for nine months until Pakistan had surrendered.93,000 troops had surrendered to India and Bangladesh forces.

Pakistan attacked india

India joined the army after Pakistan launched Air strikes on North India.India then decided to help support the bengalis.Which made Pakistan weak so therefore Pakistan had to work harder if they wanted to win again Bangladesh

Who were the leaders for Bangladesh?

M.A.G. Osmani was Commander In Cheif

M. A. Rab was Chief of Staff

A K khandker was Deputy Chief of Staff

Who were the leaders of Pakistan?

President Manmoon Hussian was Commander in Chief

Khawaja Asif was Minister of Defence

Rashad Mahmood was Chief of staff