By: Morgan Helstad

Physical science while boogie boarding

While I was at a beach in California I went boogie boarding. It was really hard at first because you had to be able to catch the wave at the right time or else the wave would take you under. Also you had to balance on the board and make sure you weren't too far up or too far down. I had to watch the waves to see witch one was big enough for me to ride. After awhile it got a lot easier because I knew what I was doing.

Most interesting part if my vacation

The most interesting part of my vacation is when we went to the beach and saw sea lions, Even though I was scared to go close to them. They made to weirdest noises so I stayed away from them. It was really cool at how the climbed up the rocks and some how made it. It looked like they were going to fall off. I got a lot of pictures of them.

Three things you should know about me

One thing you should know about me is that I am an all-star cheerleader at Ultimate Athletics. Also you should how that I have 6 pets. I have three dogs, a cat, a bird, and my bunny. Another thing is that I love baking with my friends. Or just in general spending time with my friends.