Robert Herjavec

Paul Mikhail and Ryan Balrup

Who is Robert and what is he famous for.

  1. The Herjavec group is the companies name.
  2. His product is a IT (information technology) company.
  3. From delivering newspapers and waiting tables he made it extremely far.He has started a IT company from his basement.


  1. He was born in Varazdin, Croatia. Croatia is in Europe.
  2. Graduated from the University of Toronto and he studied English Literature and Political Science.
  3. His father's name is Vladimir Herjavec.
  4. His mother's name is Katica Herjavec.
  5. Has three children. The children's names are Brendan,Skye, and Caprice.
  6. He is a Croatian immigrant.
  7. Robert was born on September 14, 1962.
  8. He married Diana Plese.
  9. He is now divorced with Diana Plese and is now dating Kym Johnson from Dancing With the Stars.

Net Worth

  1. He has a net worth of 200 million dollars.

What is he doing now.

  1. He is on Shark Tank and invests in other companies and/or products.


  1. He went to a soup kitchen and gave socks and clothing to people instead of committing suicide.

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Robert Herjavec: Entrepreneur, Technology Leader, Motivator