The One iPad Classroom

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Field Experts on iPad use

Fred Delventhal

Twitter handle: @riptidef

Videocast: Google Educast and Toolzeit

Jon Samuelson

Twitter handle: @iPadSammy

Podcast: Techlandia






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SAMR in 120 Seconds

Strategies for Finding Useful Apps

Possible Rubric Topics

Curriculum/Target Connection - Are the skills being reinforced connected?
Authenticity - Are the skills practiced rote or at a higher level?
Feedback - Is it specific? Does it truly improve student performance?
Differentiation - Does the app offer degrees of flexibility and/or adjustment?
User Friendliness - Does the app have increased ease of use with few reminders and little assistance?
Student Motivation - Will students willingly use the app?

Useful Strategies

Recording and Storing Files

Use Croak.It! to record a sound file. Copy and paste the link to this audio file to our Google Doc.

**Hint: Croak.It! is an app for iPhone.

General Ideas

  • Bring an expert into your class (Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangout)

  • Use QR codes...for everything (i-nigma, URL shortner)

Station Ideas

  • Set up a **check for understanding station** (Explain Everything, Google Forms)

  • Digital story telling (Show Me, Educreations, HaikuDeck)

  • Group script writing and movie making (Splice, Capture)

Great Apps and Great Ideas

Apps Gone Free - Be alerted when apps are on sale

Instagram - Social media through photos

Evernote - Store all your stuff!

Phonto - Mark up your photos

Dropbox - Store and share things

Penultimate - Sketch, note, and save

TED - Intelligent conversation

Pinterest - use a search term for "one iPad classroom"

Twitter hashtag - #ipad #ipaded #edapps

Upcoming Events

EdCampPDX - a free, unconference event for teachers by teachers

iOS Program Facilitators Forum with Scott Hacke

Tuesday, Nov 19th | 3:30-5pm :: Kinnaman Elementary


Thanks to:

Fred Delventhal for being awesome

Brad Flickering for the CC licensed pictures

Jon Samuelson for being you

Diane Main for being on GChat at the right time

Richard Byrne for not sleeping

Corin Richards

Administrator of Innovation Strategy :: Beaverton School District