MAC Module 2

Video Production with iMovie


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Create A Book Trailer


Book trailers are generally created by publishers to evoke interest and excitement in a new book. They work like movie previews. You will work in groups and use iMovie to create a Book Trailer on either "Night" or "The Pigman".

Step 1: Choose a Book

Night by Elie Weisel

The Pigman by Paul Zindel

Step 2: Setting the Stage

Setting the Stage

Creating a book trailer involves multiple steps. The first step is to create a visual representation, or storyboard, of the video that you hope to produce. The storyboard will help you clarify and organize your topic and ideas. Use one of the following storyboard templates to create a plan for your trailer.

Picture Note Making

Photo Finish

Filming the Ideas

*Have Mrs. Whitt check your storyboard before moving on to the next step.

Step 3: Making Your Trailer

Open iMovie and preview the variety of trailers that it has to offer. Choose the one that will best fit with your ideas.

Begin recording and producing your video trailer.

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10 Amazing Ancient Egyptian Inventions
The situation:
Your group is an advertising agency hired to convince people to buy one of the major inventions of Ancient Egypt. Your group may choose between the following presentation styles:
• Advertisement/Commercial with a printed flyer
• Inventor Reenactment skit with a printed flyer
• Rap or song about your invention with a printed flyer

Pick a computer to do both your groups printed advertisement and imovie project on. Sign your name and computer number on the board.
Skit leader
Group Manager—oversees skit and contributes to the skit. Spell checks and proofreads the printed advertisement. Adds the special effects/music/transitions to the imovie
Worker-Printed Advertisement

Extra Credit will go to the team who delivers the highest quality presentation to the class.
The Requirements:
(a) ALL members must participate in the presentation
(b) Presentations must include a print ad (poster, brochure, flyer)
(c) Presentations must include historical information about the invention
(d) Presentations must be between 30 to 90 seconds

Today’s Research Questions:

1) What is the name of your invention?

2) When was it invented?

3) What problem does your invention help to solve?

4) Who invented the invention?

5) What did it do?

6) How does it work?

7) How is the modern day product like the ancient one? (how did it change)
These websites can be helpful!!!

Advertisement examples


Element Videos

Task: Create a commercial with your partner as an advertisement for your element.

o The commercial should be 1-2 minutes long
o You and your partner will be selected randomly to choose your element. You may choose any element you want but cannot be one already chosen within the class.
o Commercials should be creative and interesting
o Both group members must participate in the presentation
o You can use any props, materials, equipment, etc that you want as long as it is safe and appropriate

Commercials should make reference to the following:
o The elementfs name
o The elementfs symbol
o The elementfs atomic number
o The elementfs atomic mass
o When the element was discovered and/or created, if this information is known.
o Common historical and/or modern uses for the element

o At least 10 other researched physical and chemical properties of the element should be mentioned. These properties may include, but are not limited to:
œ Color
œ Texture
œ Hardness
œ Ability to conduct electricity
œ Density
œ Phase of matter at room temp
œ Luster (shininess)
œ Malleability
œ Ductility
œ Boiling point
œ Melting point
œ Etc