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What is Vidyard?

Vidyard is a Chrome Extension that allows you to create a quick video of your screen, your webcam or both! You'll be able to embed this video in an email, link to it in an eLearning lesson or Google Classroom, or send it to your YouTube Channel.
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Installing the Chrome Extension

Make sure you are signed into your Chrome browser with your school Google Account (check the top right corner of Chrome!)

  1. Search for Vidyard in the Chrome Web Store
  2. Click Add to Chrome to begin the installation process
  3. When complete, you'll find the Vidyard icon in the top-right corner of your browser
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Sign in with Google

  1. Click on the Vidyard icon in the top, right-hand corner of your browser
  2. Select Continue with Google and enter your school email and password.
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Free vs Pro


When you first install the VidYard Chrome Extension, you'll have the free version.
With it, you can:
  • Upload and share unlimited videos
  • Track your video views
  • Embed up to 5 videos on your site
  • Record your screen with the free Vidyard Chrome Extension


The Pro upgrade will cost you $19 per month ($15/month if paid annually) and will give you these added features:

  • Get insight on how your video content is performing
  • Customize your video share page with a logo, custom color, and an action
  • Secure videos with passwords
  • Embed up to 20 videos
  • Download your videos

** NOTE ** I have applied for free access for our district!

Video Recording & Options

Vidyard gives you several recording options:

  • just your webcam view of you
  • your whole screen (you can move between tabs) - with or without a thumbnail of you
  • a single tab - with or without a thumbnail of you.

Use the button below to go to Vidyard's Tutorial of how to use these recording options.

Sharing Your Video

For eLearning lessons, you can either link to the video (opens in a new tab) or embed it by first uploading it to YouTube. I think embedded videos are more user-friendly for students, but it will take some extra steps on your part.

Use the button below to go to Vidyard's Tutorial for sharing videos. If you choose to go through YouTube, please continue in this guide for some additional steps you'll need to take!

Additional Steps when Sharing from Vidyard to YouTube

If you choose to upload from Vidyard to YouTube, make sure you check out this video!
Adjusting YouTube Settings for Vidyard Uploads

Rachel Porter

I'd love to help you become more proficient with Vidyard. Contact me with questions specific to your classroom!