Gang Plow

Location: McLennan,Texas

Intro: Its for breaking up the soil and making it loose and mellow to any depth desired.

Body Paragraph: Who invented it was Frank Hinchman . He is a citizen of the united states and residing at Waco.

What about the gang plow you should know is that the plow frame is vertically adjustable for breaking up the soil to more or less depth. It also provides a novel plow frame where the plows can be hung from one beam and occupy a position obliquely to the line of draft.

When it was invented was in 1877. It was made in Texas.

It was invented to make the soil more loose by breaking it up. Because the soil would get very hard and you couldn't do nothing with it.

About: He was born in 1856 and died at the age of 42 in 1898. Married to Nellie McCown. The child was Mable Louise Hinchman.




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