Growing together as Hornet Heroes.

Creating Classroom Connections

Who's your hero?

Video of school staff and superintendent singing fight song in HHS gear. Random staff telling who their hero is.

Driving Question

Who is your hero?

What makes a hero a hero?

Why are they your hero?

What is something you want to know about a classmate? (This needs to be in question form) [This is where the interview questions come from so that the kids are responsible for the information and have ownership of what information is presented.]

Creating connections with others

Create a group of 2 or no more than 3 students. Think carefully about who you pick because this will be your group for the remainder of this project. You will be interviewing one of your group members, one school aged student older or younger than you, and one adult. Using the list of interview question you came up with, get as much information as possible from each person you are to interview.

Creating the connection

Coming to a campus near you Hornet Heroes come to life!!!

Using some form of technology, create a presentation introducing the members of your group. Your presentation will be over only your group members but you must include one interesting fact about each person they interviewed.

Classroom Open House

Tuesday, Sep. 24th, 5:30pm

441 FM 2821 Rd E

Huntsville, TX

During open house, the student's presentations will be looped in video format so that the parents/guardians can get to know each Hornet Hero in their child's class.

There is a hero inside all of us!!! We love connecting with your Hornet Hero!!!