Sensational Seventh

What's happening in 7th Grade

What's coming up?

Initial 7th Grade Testing

Students will be taking their beginning of the year assessment: MAPs (Measures of Academic Progress)

They will be testing Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday (Aug. 29, 30, Sept. 1)

Testing will be first thing in the morning: 8:00-9:20

Club Meetings

Robotics: Monday, Aug. 29 3:45-5:45, Wednesday, Aug. 31 2:30 - 4:00

Cyberpatriots: Tuesdays 2:30 - 4:00

African American Club: Tuesdays 2:30 - 4:00

Student Council: Sept. 1 2:30 - 4:00; Sept 15 2:30 - 4:00

Google Classroom Grade Summary

Would like to have a summary of your son/daughter's grades and assignments in Google Classroom? Some students wanted their families to see their grades and work and I've already invited you (through an email invite). But, if you'd like to be added, let Ms. Waterman know and she'll invite you!

What's new in.....

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Science Class News

We have begun our STEM experiments in science class and I am enjoying every minute with the students. It’s great to see students working together to build and modify their creations. We will continue to have class in room C11 until the science lab is fully renovated. Construction has begun on the cabinets and we expect to be using the new lab as soon as possible.

Thank you to all of the parents who gave me their email addresses. I will be sending out pertinent class information periodically. Any parents that would like to be added to the email group can email me. Be sure to include your child’s name in the email! Please remind students that homework for science class EVERY DAY is to study the notes in their science journal. They can also copy the vocabulary words from our “word wall of science knowledge” in the classroom (or take a picture of the words) and study those. Questions? Please email me.

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We are off to a great start in Math this year. Thank you for sharing your children—I thoroughly enjoy working with them.

We are just beginning our first CMP unit called Stretching and Shrinking. The main idea of the unit is understanding similarity. Knowledge of similarity is important to the development of children’s understanding of geometry. The problems in this unit are designed to help students gain knowledge of

enlarging and reducing geometric figures. Students discover the concept of scale factor and how it is used to transform figures. Students should begin to see connections between geometry and algebra.

Moreover, we are working on the numeracy concepts of composing to 100 and 1000 by doing an activity called the Pyramid Game. We are learning the game with review concepts so that we will have the process in place as we alter the game to practice new skills. Ask your child how the game is played.

Students wanting to practice these skills at home are able to check out a deck of the cards to bring home.

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Literacy includes reading analysis, taking risks to write in new genres, researching topics and building on our background knowledge, thinking deeply, and collaborating with peers to make meaning of complex texts (digital and written).

COMING UP: "Ted Talk" speeches; Students can revise their speech until the day of their "Ted Talk".

Students will receive two grades in Literacy: Reading and Writing. Yet, so many components build into those two areas. As I add assignments into Google Classroom, I will be "tagging" whether that assignment is for Reading or Writing or both. Google Classroom added a new feature: you can have access to their class (by adding an email) which allows you to see their grades, their assignments, and their feedback. If you would like more information about this feature, let me know.

Our over-arching theme in 7th Grade is to investigate PERSPECTIVE. We look at characters from different points of view, looking at bias or stereotype. We look at how our perceptions or background knowledge can influence how we understand a text. We'll be introducing Socratic Seminar within the next few weeks to explore how discussion can increase or "deepen" our understanding of a complex text.

Our first shared reading assignments will be "Museum" by Naomi Shihad Nye and "Coming to our Senses" by Neil deGrasse Tyson. As we start to explore how authors share their impressions of perception and how we "see" things from our own point of view, we will build our initial introduction to personal perception, cultural identity, perspective, biases, values, or experiences and how those influence our meaning making and comprehension.

As writers, we will explore that further by working on three forms of writing: narrative, literary non-fiction, and realistic fiction. All three tell a "story" about the author or narrator but are written in different styles. Students will be expected to attempt one of each style as we explore what these formats look like in our shared reading assignments.

All 7th graders will have access to a blog (Blogger) to share writing, goals, reflections, and responses to shared readings and discussion. Right now their blogs are only accessible within our classroom. If you would like to read your son or daughter's blog, let me know and we will send you a link to read it.

Independent reading: all 7th graders have an independent choice fiction book that they will be reading and responding to in their notebook and their blog. They are expected to bring their book daily to school. As they finish, they need to choose another book. They can check out from our classroom or school library, as well as bring a book from home.

If you have further questions about the ins and outs of 7th grade literacy, click on the link to our guide. Feel free to follow this newsletter, email, call, or come by anytime!

7th Grade Literacy guide

Thanks! Ms. Waterman

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Social Studies

In Social Studies our main focus this year will be on THINKING and justification. During the first quarter our main topics include River Valley Civilizations and map skills. I do not plan to send homework home often; however, they will have it sometimes. Also, students will have to finish or improve classwork from time to time.

Mrs. Braunstein


7:45-8:05 Advisory Group Time

7:45-9:30 Block 1

9:20-10:05 SPECIALS

10:05-11:20 Block 2

11:20-11:45 Block 3

11:45-12:20 LUNCH

12:20-1:10 finish Block 3

1:10- 2:30 Block 4


7th Grade Middle School Team

Social Studies

Lori Braunstein

classroom: Mobile


Megan Weaver

classroom: Science Lab (temporarily in Green C11)


Cheryl Rebik

classroom: Blue C37

Literacy (Reading and Writing)

Wendy Waterman

classroom: Red C21

Calling All Engineers!!

I'm looking for guest speakers in the field of engineering to speak about their jobs. If you know of an engineer who would like to come talk with our students, you can contact me by email.

Thanks! Mrs. Weave

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Sports and Clubs


Track, Wrestling, Girls Swimming

Get involved in a sport!

For more information about uniforms, costs, physicals, insurance, uniforms, practice or games contact Ron Buckley

Robotics Team

Learn how to build a robot, create an engineering notebook, and compete with other Denver Metro Area teams.

For more information contact Gwynn Moore, Wendy Waterman, or Paris Sherman


Join a team to explore Cyber Security by solving puzzles, working with real world systems, and competing virtually with other teams across the nation.

For more information contact Gwynn Moore

Student Council

Be a leader. Join Student Council to share ideas, plan school-wide activities, create social and community service projects that benefit our Aurora Frontier family.

For more information contact Gwynn Moore or one of your teachers

If you have an idea for a club, talk with one of your teachers.

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