Raven Review

February 7-13, 2016

The Week Ahead!

Good Evening RECHS,

As another busy weekend comes to an end, it's time to get ready for the week ahead. We start this week with a birthday! Happy Birthday Mrs. Bell (2/7), we hope that you enjoyed your special day with family and friends. We plan to celebrate with you on Monday!

Thank you goes out to Mrs. Gann, Mrs. Darcy and Mrs. Wood for your work with the Beta Club this weekend! They survived a weekend with 800+High School students. We appreciate all you did to help the students prepare for this Statewide event. One student did qualify for National Competition!

Another thank you goes out to Mr. Peterson for organizing additional rooms with RCC for staff members this semester.

Have great week and come on down to celebrate with Mrs. Bell at Lunch in the workroom!

Interim Reports Due Wednesday February 10, 2016

Possible Questions for the AdvancED Visit

Our accreditation visit will take place on March 14, 2016 from 1-4:00 p.m. We will discuss the following questions in our PLC groups and during our upcoming staff meeting.

Possible Question from AdvancED

Reminders About Time Away From School

Please make sure you have completed the request to make up time from the Snow-cation we had in January. If I have signed your form, please do not turn it in until your time is complete.

For time off from work please follow the guidelines outlined in our RECHS Staff Handbook:

Absences from Work

You must contact Mrs. Thompson AND then the Mrs. Cross if you need to be absent from work.

Please call Mrs. Thompson first; she can be reached at (336-324-8993). Please call Mrs. Thompson NO EARLIER THAN 5:45am and NO LATER THAN 6:30am Monday-Friday.

If you need to contact me on Saturday or Sunday, please just call any time after 8:30 am and before 11pm.

It is the responsibility of each employee to inform the appropriate school personnel of the necessity to be absent from work. If you are attending professional development, you will need administrator approval BEFORE you sign up for the PD.

All other absences i.e. vacation, personal, sick, must have prior approval from Mrs. Thompson.

If you are planning to be absent from work and using personal leave days, you must complete a prior approval 48hrs. before the absence. Please see Mrs. Cross for this form. Teachers cannot take annual leave on student days when they need to be absent from work.

Emergency Absences:

Teachers should call Mrs. Thompson in case of emergency; if you cannot reach Mrs. Thompson, then you should call Mrs. Cross. If this absence requires the use of emergency plans, please make sure that these plans are updated upon your return. If you have other lesson plans you intend to use, please notify a team member of your absence and plans in order for them to assist the substitute.

Leaving campus:

At no time during the day should a staff member leave campus without prior notification/approval from Mrs. Thompson. Any staff member who needs to leave campus will first need to talk with Mrs. Thompson, then sign-out in the notebook located with Mrs. Cross, and remember to sign back in upon returning to campus.