Oh The Places You'll Go

Zitzman 411

What's Happening This Week:


School Wide Jump Rope for Heart Week!

Monday: B Day. Powerful Learning Conference. Jeans day with your Jump Rope for Heart t-shirt. Sub principal- Ms. Gaehle

Tuesday: C Day. Powerful Learning Conference. Sub principal- Ms. Gaehle

Wednesday: D Day.

Thursday: A Day. PLC's All Day. Spirit Squad After school. [Dr. Sladek only day at ZE this week]

Friday: B Day.

PLC's on Thursday 2/1:

Our schedule has us discussing MOY Math, but grade level teams didn't fully reflect on their MOY ELA scores. All grade level teachers should be focusing on individual student growth. If you have a student in the red or yellow; the teacher should be giving supplemental practice work for those students. Then, progress monitor those students using Think Central resources, Easy CBM, Moby Max, LLI, or SRI.

I expect every teacher to log the student's name, the student's MOY score, the progress monitoring tool being used to support student growth. A form will be provided to you to begin that work in your PLC meeting on Thursday.

Attendance Matters:

Weekly Warm Up Winner

The grade level winners will get their penguins this Monday after the announcements. It will be up to the team of teachers to decide how much you want to build the habitat and show love and attention to the Penguin throughout the week!

K-2 Weekly Winner: Grade - 1st Grade 95.2%

3-5 Weekly Winner: Grade - 4th Grade 93.5%

*Close match between K & 1...we need to let those 2nd graders know the 'little ones' keep beating them!

*5th grade fell off the radar with an all time school low and close match between 3rd & 4th!

Kdg - 95.1%

1st Grade- 95.2%

2nd Grade - 92.3%

3rd Grade - 93.4%

4th Grade - 93.5%

5th Grade- 90.9%

On the Radar

Norah Austin - Marcellino

Ashton Taylor - Centerino (missing alot of Thursdays)

Eli Obenauer & Lucas Kristopeit - Carlisle

If you know these kiddos or see them in the hallway, hold then accountable, encourage them and give them a hug/smile!!!

Professional Growth Plans

Each teacher is expected to submit their MOY data that supports their Professional Growth Plan. Upload the evidence and give a brief description of your data. For example: 87% of the identified students are on target to meet the end of the year goal. Artifact evidence is due by Friday. See Ginny Brunjes or Judy Fienup if you need assistance with attaching your evidence to your Frontline eval page.
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Some of my thoughts and reflections when thinking about MOY discussion during PLC's by Dr. Sladek:

This hits home to me as we have discussed ELA MOY and will continue to look over Math MOY. This time of year can bring lots of stress and with stress comes emotion. I am learning each and every day and I felt this was a message we could all learn from.

Inspired by the blog: George Couros

Being a Zitzman Chief is something I take pride in and in our building we are all puzzle piece to the big picture. I truly believe every staff member in out building are not only called “leaders,” but they actually “lead.”

The answer to all questions in education keeps pointing me back to one thing; leadership.

I believe the work of the teacher in the classrooms is the most significant thing needed to serve students (obviously). But is their (teachers) ability limited because of the culture of the school, the superfluous “extras” that seem to bombard teachers and limit their time to do what is essential, and the lack of meaningful professional learning?

I have seen far too many administrators blame their teachers for the lack of moving forward. Similar to a teacher blaming a student for not getting good grades, if you try the same approach and continuously get poor results, perhaps it is not the person that you are serving that is the issue. Of course, I believe that there are always elements of personal responsibility in our work and learning that are important, but how one is supported makes a significant difference through the process.

This is not about any one person passing responsibility on to someone else, but understanding how important the role of an administrator is in ensuring that students, teachers, and all staff are successful. I feel this is crucial to the PLC process and why it was put in place at ZE this year!

If you are in a leadership position (all of us are!) and things don’t seem to be working, ask first what you can do differently and better before pointing fingers at others. I have never seen a great school or district that has sustained greatness with weak leadership.

We can all do better, but when in positions of leadership, legacy is created by what the people you serve do. Keep finding a way...and know that we are growing together!

Coaching, Learning, Teamwork...

Below is an intense video but oh boy did it make my heart beat fast and my mind race.

Truly - these are the paradigm shifts and the thought of the possible outcomes that we as a Zitzman Team can have an impact on. We all need a piece of each other in order to grow in the right direction!


Balance Courage and Consideration

To be highly effective means to be courageous. We are willing and able to speak our thoughts respectfully. It also means being considerate. We are willing and able to seek out and listen to others’ thoughts and feelings with respect.


Be insensitive to the needs and wants of others, or relinquish your needs and wants to the demands of others.

Think About...

Are there relationships in which you lack courage or consideration? What price do you pay when you are out of balance?

Try This...

Be courageous:

· Talk straight. Share your ideas and opinions with confidence.

· Pick an issue where you would like to have more courage. Write down your point of view and practice sharing it with others.

Be considerate:

· Don’t interrupt.

· Acknowledge other people’s ideas and opinions.

· Make sure everyone has a chance to be heard.

From the 7 Habits Book

“Maturity is the balance between courage and consideration. If people can express their feelings and convictions with courage balanced with consideration for the feelings and convictions of others, they are mature, particularly if the issue is very important to both parties.”

A Resource:

These teacher “recipes” are real-world examples created by some of our most passionate teachers. They show how teachers are using the itslearning platform to make a difference for their students, save time and connect with students in new ways. These recipes combine the best ingredients to promote learning and engagement, and we hope that they will inspire you in your teaching. Get cookin’ today: Choose from easy, intermediate and advanced recipes based on your particular experience level.
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Custodial & Safety Update

Sally Brooks will be moving to the day shift on Monday, January 29th. Karla, Dennis, and Dave will be managing the evening shift.

House Keeping- Make sure you are pulling your shades, shutting down all computers/technology in the classroom, and lock your door when you leave for the day. We have many evening visitors in the building that could easily walk into your classroom. Technology devices should be kept out of sight or locked in their charging stations.

Primary Hallway- Assign two student Safety Leaders to take care of the coats and backpacks outside of each class. That hallway is a safety concern with the number of items on the floor. Teach students to take pride in their school environment.

Students should not be sent to the hallway to complete a task/work. Use a buddy classroom, send the student to the Library to work, or to the office to use the table by the cafeteria. Students should be monitored at all times.

Be the teacher that every student wants! Don't yell at students. Yelling at a student will not fix their behavior. See Dr. Sladek to join her behavior management book study.