Urban Spoon

Amy White - ITC 5440

What is Urban Spoon?

Urban Spoon is a free app that suggests restaurants based on your location. Have you even been stuck on the lovely question of "Where do you want to go to dinner?" But you have no ideas at all? Just give Urban Spoon a "shake" and let it give you ideas for restaurants.

Using Urban Spoon in Class.

In the Foods I curriculum, there is a unit with manners. We talk about different restaurants and the students, Using this app allows students to see what restaurants are available and information about the places, even if they have never dined at these locations.

What Students Think...

I used this app in my 3rd period Foods II class and this is what they had to say:

"It's neat to see what's around you just by checking in."


"I like it because you can pick your price range and type of food and it's easy to use."


"I like to see what other people think about the restaurant"


"Seeing other people's pictures is neat."