The Cornerstone Foundation

Tillman creates cornerstone foundation and helps millions...

who Charles Tillman really is

Charles Tillman was born February 23 1981 in Chicago Illinois. He has three children Tiana, Tayla, and Tyson Tillman. He played for the Chicago bears and now plays for the Carolina panthers. In 2014 Tillman won Walter Peyton Man of The Year but he was nominated in the years of 2005, 2007, 2008, and 2011. He then won the Ed Block Courage Award in 2008. Last he won the community leadership award an was one of the only 17 NFL players to be chosen for the NFL neighbored MVP for his commitment to the community in 2008. The position he plays is cornerback.

why Tillman started the foundation...

Tillman started the foundation after his three month old daughter was diagnosed with a rare heart disease. The doctors said it would be fatal without a heart transplant the doctors then pulled Tillman aside and said that she might not make it through the night. He said it was probably the most horrific thing he has ever heard in his life... Tillmans daughter then got a heart transplant or some might say a second chance.

What the Cornerstone Foundation does

Now that Tillman experienced that with his daughter he is devoted to providing sick children all throughout Chicago an opportunity for a better life and a second chance... It is also to help assist the families of sick children. His foundation mainly focuses on the kids in the Chicago area who are in need of organ transplant. Since 2005 the foundation and Tillman have personally touched the lives and hearts of millions.

BY: Sophie Graybill