Kinder Kapers


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Valentines Day Class Parties!

Valentines day parties will be this Friday, February 12! Please touch base with your kinder teacher or homeroom mom for information regarding themes and how you can help for the party! On this day parties will be held from 1:45-2:45 and students will be released at normal time.
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Student Holiday!

Mark your calendars; February 15th will be a student holiday!

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GES Fundraiser

GES will be hosting a fundraiser at Skate Town on February 15th from 2:00-4:00. The fundraiser will help the 5th grade end of the year party!
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Student-Led Conferences

February 17th and February 18th will be early dismissal days for student led conferences. Dismissal will be at 11:45 and conferences will follow according to times you have scheduled with your child`s teacher. Please be looking for more information regarding how your child`s kinder teacher plans to run their conferences and any information they can provide for/to you.

Why Student-Led Conferences?

  • Students have increased ownership of their own learning.

  • Parents and students have open communication about school, after-school activities and other important decisions in life.

  • Teachers establish a stronger working relationship with parents and students.

How are student-led conferences different from traditional conferences?

  • Students participate in all stages of the conference. They prepare and organize work samples, use checklists to demonstrate new learning, and plan next steps.

  • Students lead the conversation to show what they have learned. They receive feedback from their parents and teachers about strengths and goals for improvement.

  • Teachers actively monitor the conference, but do not lead the conversations.
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Its a Groovy Week for a Book Fair!

GES will be hosting its book fair beginning Monday February 22nd through Friday February 26th. Be looking for more information regarding times and how to get books for your students coming soon!
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Chilly Weather!

Although we hope all of you enjoyed the beautiful weather this weekend here are a few reminders regarding the colder weather when it comes back!

  • Jackets - please label your child`s jacket with their name or initials on the tag. If your child has misplaced or lost their jacket, please check the lost and found.
  • Zippers - please continue to work on helping with zippers, they can be tricky for the littles!
  • Recess - please keep in mind Kindergarteners go outside in the morning when it is still chilly; jackets, gloves, etc. are appropriate.
  • If you would like to donate hand sanitizer to your child`s classroom it is greatly appreciated! Especially this time of year!!