Dj Ganyani feat FB

Xigubu - Video Press release

Xigubu Video Concept

The theme for this music video in which “Xigubu” comes to

life when all of the musical elements i.e artists and dancers, journey across the

land from different directions and end up uniting in an electrifying showcase.

The video opens with the vocalist (FB), looking out at the long quiet country

road that stretches into the horizon ahead of her. The vocalist (FB) represents

the VOICE of “Xigubu”. She starts taking the first steps of her journey along

the road. Check out the video on the link below....... Hiswona

DJ Ganyani ft FB - Xigubu (Official Music Video)

Xigubu Lyrics

ikani jikani jikani...bottle of jameson in my hands, in my hands,I dnt have no plans I dnt have no plans.there goes my bbm,bbm,dj ganyani and some friends oooweee ow xiba ngofu,Xigubu xiba ngopfu tsayi tsayi ow xiba ngopfu,Xigubu xiba ngopfu tsayi tsayi ow xiba ngopfu.xigubu xiba swinene xiku teka hansi xiku teke ow xiba the night proceeds and as u can see,sekumanzi phansi tsayi tsayi,xigubu xiba swinene xiku teka hansi xiku teke.hello brothers o muhle bengisacela irefill ngicela ungithathe ungibeke by the end of this night my legs I should'nt feel....chorus.....1 2 put on ur dancing shoes,3 4 meet me by the door,9 10 thank God for bbmmmm....chorus,xigubu xiba ngopfu xiba ngopfu xiba ngopfu

Dj Ganyani

Ganyani Tshabalala has been in the music industry for over 20 years. With his great passion for music, at the age of 15 he started teaching himself several DJ techniques to manipulate the prerecorded music. These include cueing, equalization, phrasing, beat juggling etc. to perform the transitions and overdubs of a number of sources in a more creative way. Today he is a professional DJ who masters the technique of using harmonic mixing for choosing compatible songs. This has made him and other local DJs to be the pioneers or the grandmaster of this entertainment technique in the country. DJ Ganyani is classified as a mobile DJ with turn-tablism as his main article. He travels or tour with his own sound systems and play from an extensive collection of pre-recorded music, on various media, to wow targeted audiences. He works for hire at private functions such as receptions, religious ceremonies, school dances; but also seen frequently in bars, nightclubs, neighborhood parties, block parties, product launches and stadia. To date he has achieved the following milestones: · Becoming a household name amongst the youth in South Africa and the SADC region particularly in Lesotho, Swaziland and Botswana. · He is a DJ of choice for Orlando Pirates FC and the South African Football Association. · Compilation of the Simunye House Grooves Vol. 1& 2 on invite by SABC 1 to broaden their Simunye brand appeal to the youth. · Received a gold disc award for Simunye house grooves (This award was for achieving the clients objective) · Honored by Castle Loud for his exceptional skills and given an achievers Award. · To-date in addition to the two albums above, Ganyani has produced a total of five “hit” albums; In The House featuring Ganyani, Ganyani’s House Grooves 3 and the Ganyani’s House Grooves 4, 5 and 6.(This album has been awarded a gold disc for having sold over 25 000 units, currently at 54000 units and going strong) · He has tutored, mentored, and inspired the likes of the late DJ Khabzela of YFM, DJ Mbuso, DJ Bradley, DJ Slender (Cape Town’s popular DJ) also the ever popular Mpho Tsedu of PhalaPhala FM and Muvhango fame. · He was a nominee in the 2006 Metro fm awards in the category “ Best Club DJ” · 2007 has seen the Master’s addition to the House Grooves by releasing yet another album, Ganyani House Grooves 5 which has now reached its gold status in 3 months of its release. Three tracks on this album produced by the man himself & DJ Cloch. · 2007 has also seen DJ Ganyani crowned one of the House Legends for his contribution in the music industry by Brandhouse. · 2010 has seen DJ Ganyani releasing Ganyani House Grooves 7, which is currently nominated for the Metro fm Awards for Best Compilation. · 2011 has seen DJ Ganyani assembling what he calls Ganyani Entertainment Family, who have released an album called 1st Gathering. 2012 He release an album called Ganyani's House grooves 8 which has Hits like Be There feat mlu and Big Nuz, the track was performed at the MTN Music Awards in Durban and has sold a lot of copies nationwide and still going strong.

Fiesta Black aka FB

FB aka FIESTA BLACK,born Thandi Mokgoankgoa is a singer,songwriter..born on the 30th August 1989 at baragwanath hospital..raised in norwood by her grandmother(Elisa Ramokgopha),father(Thomas Ramokgopha) and her foster mother(Liz Zylstra). i am from a family of 7 and i am the eldest plus i am an aunt to my beautiful niece Desire and nephew siblings are mpule,paul,tebatso,kenneth,felicity and sonti,,they are what keep me going so please include them if possible...they are my life. I have always loved music but i only recently started treating it as a priority..when i moved in with my birth mom(Emily Mokgoankgoa) i realised that i really loved entertaining people because she had a pre school at the time so i would sing for the parents and children on parents day and whenever we had functions at the pre school,xighubu is my first major break all thanks to my boy Tibi and dj Ganyani..Tibi introduced me to Ganyani and before i knew it,there was a hit lol.i have come a long way to get to where i am but i am happy i went through all the rejection i did because it helped me grow and gave me time to learn more about the industry,so now i'm schooled lol...i am working on my own solo project at the moment with my label BASE08,with the help of my manager Byron Keno and my girl Roxy who makes sure that everything runs smoothly.So there is much more in store for everything,compliments of THE NEW KID ON THE BLOCK,and as i always say.....POUND IT!!!!!! FAITH!!!!!!!