CBHT Religious School

Newsletter - 10/9/15

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Upcoming Events

  • Kabbalat Shabbat services this evening at 7:30. This is not a family service (meaning, we are not praying from the Family Siddur) but ALL families are most welcome!
  • This Sunday, 10/11: Religious School from 9:30 - 12:00
  • Sunday, 10/18: Hard Lox Festival. Downtown at Pack Square, from 11-4. Shir Tephila, our school's family choir, sings at noon!
  • Sunday, 10/18: EARLY DISMISSAL FOR HARD LOX AT 11:00!
  • Friday, 11/6: Religious School Shabbat Service sponsored by Gan Yeladim and Kitah Aleph. D'var Torah delivered by students in Gan Yeladim and Kitah Aleph. All Religious School students from K'tanim - Kesher are leading prayers!

Hebrew Word of the Week: שִׂמְחָה

In anticipation of the celebration of Simchat Torah, Lauren introduced the word שִׂמְחָה (simcha/joy), but she spelled it wrong. I know it's no longer Yom Kippur, but it's never to late (or too early) to say S'lichah! I'm sorry (especially to Nina who actually read the incorrectly spelled sign correctly! ;)

Highlights from Sunday, 10/4

  • In K'tanim we bounced on the bouncy balls and counted in Hebrew.
  • In Parparim, we made Torah puppets and flags for Simchat Torah and explored the "Torah Scroll" tunnel in our classroom
  • In Gan Yeladim we sang "The Five Books of Moses", made edible Torah scrolls and practiced for our November 6th service.
  • In Kitah Aleph we learned about symbiotic relationships in nature with Ben, our outdoor specialist and learned how squirrels do tikkun olam by planting trees. We learned how to sing "Osheh Shalom" from Seth and practiced it for our upcoming service.
  • In Kitah Gimel we played Aleph Bet Bingo and learned the word kadosh (holy) and talked about creating a holy life through mitzvot.
  • In Kitah Dalet, we talked about the experience of immigration to the United States for our Jewish ancestors and simulated what it would be like to try to go shopping at a grocery store if we didn't know the language.
  • In Kitah Hey, we talked about how we all have personal troubles and how our prophets teach us our role in seeing one another's difficulties and addressing them with compassion.
  • In Kitah Vav we discussed the immigration crisis in Europe, why someone might leave their home behind, and we related this to the Book of Ruth.
  • In Kesher, we continued watching Fiddler on the Roof and compared the traditions that Tevye's family keep and the traditions we keep (some of which are similar and some of which are very different!)
  • In Hebrew we started our Hebrew groups based on assessment. The students took right to studying and many are already prepared to test out to the next level! Kol ha'kavod!!

Shabbat shalom, eveyone! See you this Sunday, 10/11!