Space, Should We Explore It More?


Should we visit space again?

I personally think that we shouldn't. And I could rant on and on about it, but here is something I found on the internet about why we SHOULD go to space.

*I got this from the internet, I did not write it

It is a myth that we cant afford space. Confirmation that space pays may be found in the 1989 Chapman Research report, which examined just 259 non-space applications of NASA technology during just 8 years, 1976-1984, and found more than:

  • $21.6 billion in sales and benefits
  • 352,000 (mostly skilled) jobs created or saved
  • $355 million in federal corporate income taxes
  • The only problem with this, is that all this money went to NASA. And then they wasted that money. They took this money to build many space ships. But then, every time they attempted to blast that ship into space, they blew up. Therefore, wasting a lot of money that people in need could have used.

NASA, has blew up 2 space shuttles, and countless rockets.

So, if we travel back to space today, of course it will be in NASA's hands. Making more money wasted and thrown down the drain.

NASA does not need to be doing the take offs, or building. Maybe someone a little more professional at making them, so we can save money if people ever do decide to go back to space.

Why do others want to go back to space?

People do have a very valid point when they say that they want to go back to space. They want to explore it more. To find more galaxies, and see what is inside them. Some new planets, moons, stars etc. It would be interesting. And they say that we need more education about space.

I do have to say that it would be pretty awesome to go and see how far out galaxies, and space period stretched out. Although it would take many years to complete the search. I mean, Mars is 33.9 million miles away. But I would rather stay right here on Earth and not risk wasting more money than we need to.

Don't Trust NASA

Frequently asked question

Others ask why and how can we prove that NASA has done this.

This is a video showing one of the rockets taking off at NASA, and exploding not even halfway there

Aliens ( Random subject )

Lately, people have been having a big debate about if aliens are real or not. I personally think that they are.

Here is a paragraph from the internet of why aliens could most likely be real.


Legends and artifacts dating back thousands of years have ignited man's imagination for decades to centuries with theories of ancient astronauts and alien beings from other planets. Sightings of "UFOs" or "unidentified flying objects" of varying sizes, shapes and other characteristics have been recorded around the world for hundreds of years, possibly thousands. In popular TV shows, it is claimed that "sky people" are purportedly recorded as having brought advanced culture to the hominids who have lived on this planet.

and also,

Evolutionary biologist Simon Conway Morris has shared his belief that aliens are real and that they look just like us, noting how interesting it is that we have yet to find or come in contact with human-like beings, given the number of Earth-like planets we have discovered so far.


The Diamond Planet

Dubbed 55 Cancrie, the rocky planet is only twice the size of Earth and eight times its mass— knowing it as a "super Earth," a new study for it says. First found crossing in front of the sun in 2011, the close-in planet orbits the sun in only 18 hours! As a result, surface temperatures reach an amazing 3,900 degrees Fahrenheit ( making it unable to support life )—and, along with carbon, make perfect conditions for creating diamonds!
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