Transition Plus

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Project SEARCH update

Please invite students, parents & guardians who want to learn more about Project SEARCH to attend the Family Resource night this Thursday, Feb 16 at Transition Plus. Project SEARCH instructors Ann Johnson and Eric Reichow will present information about Project SEARCH from 5-6 pm.

Project SEARCH applications are now available in room C201. Project SEARCH is for students with intellectual/ developmental disabilities who will be entering their last year of service at Transition Plus. Please look over your caseloads for younger students who are good candidates for Project SEARCH.

On Feb 22, Ann & Eric will be bringing some Project SEARCH interns to Transition Plus to share their experience. That presentation will be at 12:50 in room C204.

Cell Phone Reminder

As I have walked around the past few weeks I have noticed staff on their cell phones when they should be engaged with students.

Please remember we are here for students and should be engaged with them- NOT our phones.

Everything you do models to our students. If you show them it is okay to be on their cell phones at work they will believe that to be the case. We need to remember our students are always viewing what we do and our behaviors are often emulated in our students.

Gym News

We have been having some issues with students going in to the gym at times when they are not scheduled for it and students who have been registered for gym for multiple periods.

Students should only be in the gym if they are registered for the class that hour.

Students should NOT be given passes to go to the gym during another class. It is disruptive to the class that is being taught, and it is difficult to monitor for safety. Additionally, in order to accommodate the needs of all our students, students should only be registered for one gym class weekly, unless it is a need indicated by the IEP team.


The CSC is going to be offering a "Creative Journey Through Grief Group" starting 2/24 from 1:30-2:30.

The group is intended for students who have suffered a loss and want to explore

how creativity and community can help support them through their grieving process.

There will be signs up and any student interested can join. I hoped that if this info could make it into the MMM, then teachers and staff can help spread awareness to interested students.

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